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so you think you can dance

santa claus and his wife

prosciutto wrapped apples

So what is Windsor Visuals? You could call it a blog, or a micro-news website. You could call it a community. I like to think that it’s an thoroughfare for expressing what Windsor is to all of us. Windsor is our home. Windsor is our city, regardless of flaws, disputes, disconnection or economic depression. What we have here is a city that is often overlooked or disregarded for its placement south of Toronto, or “south of the importance” in Ontario, a city scorned for its attitudes on the world stage, or referenced as a place to call home that’s not as friendly as ‘the one around the corner’.

Windsor Visuals is a daily photoblog devoted to news, events, politics, history, civic life, and just about anything photographic you can think of.

Windsor Visuals | a windsor photoblog | Owen Wolter

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