Wedding & Engagement Photography | Mindy Bean | Las Vegas

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Wedding & Engagement Photography | Mindy Bean | Las Vegas

“I have two beautiful girls and a great husband that supports me 100% of the way. My girls and I enjoy turning on music and getting all dressed up then singing our lungs out on a daily basis. I started taking pictures after I got married in 2003 and have grown to love photography. I am that fun, energetic, goofy person that loves a challenge when it comes to capturing memories.

One thing that I love is looking back at my little girls pictures and seeing how much they have changed. I am very grateful for those two little girls that dance around my house every morning. They are my inspiration.

I have always loved to take a picture and turn it into a piece of art. When I take pictures I don’t want them to hang on the wall as a portrait I want them to stand out as a masterpiece. I work extremely hard to stay current with the latest technology and techniques of photography.”

Wedding & Engagement Photography by Mindy Bean

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