Visions of Life | Photography by Tony Cifani

visions of life photos

I happened to stumble upon this great collection of photography, by Tony Cifani, while reviewing a wonderful site called Chicago Photobloggers. In viewing Tony’s site, I was particularly drawn in by the simplistic layout…no fluff..just quality photography, ranging from architectural images to photos of everyday life. Tony shoots in a variety of formats using both color and black and white. He repeatedly uses selective focus to great effect, turning what would be an ordinary image into a true photographic art. Click here to see more of Tony’s photographic collection

“Tony Cifani lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with his family. He likes to shoot with an old “Speed Graphic” 4″ x 5″ field camera and conventional black and white sheet film. Tony sometimes uses a digital camera with a modified “pinhole” lens. The possibilities are endless.

Tony studied photography and painting at Columbia College of Chicago. He first started using a black and white darkroom when he was a teenager and continues to process and print black and white.”

photos of downtown chicago

“The greatest joy in photography is in the process itself, to explore the natural and physical world and the beauty of light. Some of the most interesting subject matter may be found just beyond the doorstep, a well tread path in woods or maybe the city streets near a frequented train stop.

It’s also a great excuse to get out and explore the world. Enjoy!”

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