Vanilla Days by Pete Carr

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Vanilla Days | Liverpool Photo Blog by Pete Carr
Simply love this photo blog / photographer! Vanilla Days was first featured on this site about 2 years ago and I’ve been a frequent visitor ever since. Pete has an incredible eye for color and composition, along with killer post-production skills. Take some time to check out this wonderful site…and be sure to subscribe for his frequent updates.
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“Vanilla Days was started back in 2004. At the time I was inspired by the photoblog Chromasia so I started my own photoblog. In the early days the site was directionless and I simply posted photos as I took them. Over time as I grew as a photographer I stopped posting every shot and posted 1 a day.

In 2007 I refocused the site into Vanilla Days. It had grown from a site featuring any old photo I took into a photoblog documenting Liverpool on its path to the Capital of Culture in 2008. I found that my main areas of interest were, and still are, people and places. These are what I document around the city, and the surrounding areas of Liverpool.

2008 saw Liverpool take on the title of the European Capital of Culture. It was a remarkable year. I was proud of the city that year and due to the work I did in documenting it this photoblog won ‘Best European Photoblog’ for 2008. Since then I have continued to document Liverpool’s people and scenes. I always have a camera on me, even if its just my iPhone. You never know when you’ll see something worth photographing.

I am a photographer. I was born in Wales in the rather late 70’s,……. I graduated with a degree in Software Engineering……interest in web design lead me to learn Photoshop and from there expanded my creative horizons…..By the time I was a professional web designer I quit to become a professional photographer.” >>>read more about Pete Carr

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