Ultimate Smart Phone Photography – Close-up and Macro Guide

Ultimate Smart Phone Photography – Close-up and Macro Guide”, by author Terrance Roman, is a newly released guide that teaches the readers how to take great close-up and macro shots on their smart phone cameras.  It covers his basic 10-Step approach to taking the shot, a section on advanced techniques including how to get more artistic in your shots, and a series of lessons designed to ensure the reader does actually improve, among other topics. 

The Ultimate Smart Phone Photography: Close-up and Macro Guide is a simple yet thorough manual that will allow you to quickly learn how to take those awesome shotsthat you have been striving to do…

…and you can even do them WITHOUT buying pricy lenses and specialty equipment!

But now’s your chance. This guide will deliver on what you want:

  • An overview of the core principles of macro and close-up photography
  • A guide on all the tools of the trade
  • My secret to success – a 10-Step approach for taking macro and close-up photos
  • Advanced tips, tricks, and techniques to take your shots to the next level
  • Instructions on how to make your own equipment and save hundreds of dollars
  • and what I consider the keystone to my guide – a Lesson Plan for you to worth through all the key concepts I teach
  • There are over 100 pages in this eBook (PDF format) and it is 40MB in size (don’t download it on a slow connection!)

Download your copy today!


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