Totally Like Me | Elaine Kelly

Totally Like Me | Elaine Kelly
“I took 3 years of full time photography courses when I was young, but heck, I’ve forgotten most of it, and am learning many new things in this Digital age. But I love picking up a camera, and get a tiny buzz every time I click the shutter. I have taken about a zillion pictures of the futon sitting on the other side of the living room from where i sit, just because i want to pick the camera up and snap a pic. But I’ve got my new DSLR and I’ve got a renewed excitement to go out and get some good photos!”

totally like me photo
“A few of the pictures on here were taken with a Nikon D70, which I have since sold, and my current cameras are a Ricoh GRD II, which I love but that didn’t stop me from adding the Sigma DP1 to the mix. Ok, and now I bought a Canon Rebel XSi… my bad. I don’t consider myself a photographer, compared to the rest of the community… and so I always try to get the next camera that will make my dog look great while sitting on the couch. *woof woof*… update, i sold the sigma and the canon rebel to finance vet bills, I’m now waiting until i can get an Olympus EPL1.”

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11 thoughts on “Totally Like Me | Elaine Kelly

  1. Congratulations Elaine! Your photoblog is truly creative and very, very interesting.

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