Toronto based photographer – Neil Ta

fisheye view of central park in new york city

driving around toronto at night in the fog and haze

detroit centrail station. a photography essay of urban decay in the united states

photograph showing The original photo is nearly 90 years old, borrowed from the City of Toronto Archives.Palmerston Blvd, formerly called Muter Street (prior to the turn of 20th C) was named after Lord Palmerston, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Most of the houses on Palmerston Boulevard were built between 1903 and 1910, with the grandest house on the street at #469, which is the George Weston Mansion.

Toronto based photographer – Neil Ta

I’m a photographer. Simple. When something is worth shooting, I shoot it. My philosophy is not complicated; if I am going to take a picture, I want it to be the best picture that it can possibly be. No matter the subject matter, the same principle applies. That is my purpose. That is my goal.

I’m an urban explorer, traveler, wedding photographer, photojournalist, portrait photographer, concert photographer, event photographer…the list goes on. The diversity of my photograph reflects my own diversity. Whether I am shooting a family portrait, engagement photos, convert, or exploring an abandoned building, I want to leave with a set of stunning photos. My abilities include, but are mot limited to the following:

  • Events
  • Engagements & Weddings
  • Family Portraits
  • City & Street Life
  • Urban Exploration & Decay
  • Travel
  • Fine Art Prints & Commissioned Work
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