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Creating great glamour photography is more involved than simply finding a beautiful model. Any top glamour photographer will tell you confidence is only one quality of the glamour model. The key to great glamour photography is capturing the beauty of the model but to show their vulnerable side as well.

Great supermodels have the ability to let the viewer in, to make themselves appear beautiful, but also to display a sense of approachability. Check out these links for great examples of glamour photography blogs and fashion photography blogs.

Adept Glamour Photography

Mandarich Models

Digital Willy’s Glamour Photography

Danny Steyn

Hakan Photography

Creative Edge

Supercharge Your Photography Website

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8 thoughts on “Top Glamour Photography Blogs

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for including us in your list of links to glamour photographers.

    Another thing to remember when working with models, whether experienced or not, there is some degree of anxiety. Keeping the photo shoot fun and upbeat will help alleviate the stress and produce a far more successful shoot.

    Thanks again for the mention!!

  2. I worked as a model for over 10 years and now I work as a glamour and boudoir photographer. It’s important that a model feels comfortable with the photographer and the set (and of course the other way arround). The chemistry between the photographer and the model is tremendously important.
    Have a great day. Natascha

  3. I wish I could take more pictures of women and NOT locomotives

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