Three Thirty AM – A Photography Template for Blogger Users


Attention Blogger (Blogspot) Users – From Cinnamon Girl Studio Design, creators of best selling Blogger template A Simple Photography Blog, comes their latest template design, Three Thirty AM: A Photography Template.

I loved A Simple Photography Blog template, the simplicity and minimalistic design. three-thirty AM continues the minimalistic design concept, along with the introduction of a new Flash based slideshow system via Flickr integration. For the Flickr users out there, this integration is a great way to cross promote your photography.

Here’s what Cinnamon Girl is saying about three-thirty AM:

Everyone loves the flash slideshow feature in each 
of our photography templates but, if a person doesn’t 
have a little bit of html knowledge it can be hard to 

So, after many 3:30am nights of trying to come up 
with a solution…

I am so excited to present the first of many Blogger 
templates where the slideshow can be completely 
managed from your Flickr account!

The slides still need to be created in a photo editing 
program like Photoshop in a 984px width by approx. 
300 in height although the height can be changed.

Once created simply upload your slides to Flickr then 
make a ‘set’ (super easy). Your set will have an id 
number which will need to be pasted in a Blogger widget 
then saved.

After the initial setup you can upload to the Flickr 
account, save, delete, edit your slideshow while your 
Blog is automatically updated each time.

Special Offer: Cinnamon Girl Studio are installing three-thirty AM Blogger template for free – All of August.

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