Things to Know Before Starting a Photography Business

You think you’re ready to start a photography business. Everyone in your family loves your Christmas card photos. Co-workers always comment about the pictures on your desk. Friend and social contacts love your website. You sold 7 group photos of your child’s Little League team.

Before quitting your day job to pursue a career as a professional photographer, here are some helpful tips and references you need to review before acting.

  • Anyone with an eye for original images, the right equipment and film, and excellent technical skills can take good pictures. But to make a living out of taking stunning photographs needs more than photography skills; you must also be a savvy businessperson….Starting a Home-Based Photography Business by Jenny Fulbright
  • However you envision your future in photography, if you’re going to make money at it, you’re likely to start your own business. That’s right, you’re going to be an independent entrepreneur, where you set your own hours, are your own boss, and watch TV late into the night as you clip your toenails. ..Starting a Photography Business by Dan Heller
  • You need to decide what sets you apart from the competition. Research the marketplace and find your niche. Choose to focus your photography business in a kind of photography at which your excel or in some untapped area of the market…Tips for Starting Your Photography Business by AllArtSchools
  • If turning photography into income has a downside, it’s this…Turning Rejection Into Success
  • You must associate with people who do what you do…21 Hot Tips for Success in Today’s Photography Marketplace
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