The Photography World of Krishna Mohan

krishna mohan

The Photography World of Krishna Mohan

“I am Dr. Krishna Mohan (krishi as I am affectionately called). I am a surgeon practicing at my own hospital – Prabhu Hospital at Moodabidri along with my wife Dr. Radhika Prabhu. I live at Moodabidri in my home Akruthi along with my wife and daughter Neethi. I would like to share with you this passion of photography via this blog. It will be showcase for my photography. My main interest include Macros, Closeups, Nature, Wildlife and Landscapes.

Currently I have a newly built AMD Phenom Quad core 940 running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate with 8GB Ram 2TB HDD space, HTC Touch Diamond Phone with built in GPS, Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 7D cameras as well as innumerable gadgets which I like to test and play.

My varied interests include trekking, mountaineering, wildlife conservation, photography, classical music, computers and Internet. I was a member of the team of 1990 Expedition Brahma I, to scale 21,050 feet of this world’s 17th toughest peak on western Himalayas. I am also member of Arohana, mountaineers and adventurers, Mangalore.”

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