The Most Peaceful Images In The World – Jennifer Squires


Jennifer Squires creates minimalist landscape photographs, the most peaceful images in the world. Jennifer specializes in soothing seascape and winter tree photographs.

“I’m Jennifer Squires Ross and together with my husband Darren Ross we run a small photography business out of our home in London, Ontario, Canada. I specialize in picture taking and picture making and Darren is fondly known as the CFO (chief fax operator). He takes care of administrative tasks, plus he makes a mean hot chocolate; earning himself extra brownie points at 5am when I’m off to a location shoot.

I’ve been photographing professionally since 1996, but I’ve been taking pictures my whole life.  I hold two Diplomas in Photography from Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, and I was later asked back to teach.  After college I began work as a Producer and First Assistant at a corporate and advertising studio in Toronto, Ontario.  In 2005 I moved back to London to pursue freelance work, and opened my online shop in February 2008.

Photo Life Magazine listed me as one of 2009′s Emerging Photographers.”


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