The Daily Photography – Andreas Manessinger


The Daily Photography – Andreas Manessinger

“My name is Andreas Manessinger and this is my blog. It’s a photo blog, and that means, every post has a photo. Well, apart from those rare administrative posts that have none. Posts with photos have a number in their title, counting upwards.

This is not only a photo blog, it’s a daily photo blog as well, meaning that I post a photo per day. In fact I post at least a photo per day, but only one of them is the Image of the Day. “Daily” is a relative term though. It does not mean “strictly every day”, rather it means, that in the long run there is a numbered post per day. At every given moment I may be one, two, seldom more, days behind my schedule, but normally I catch up within a few days, sometimes posting more than one entry per day…”

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