The Annenberg Space for Photography Announces Extreme Exposure

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ — The Annenberg Space for Photography is pleased to present Extreme Exposure, a group exhibit featuring arresting imagery from five unique talents in photography who work on the edge of wildlife, climate and environment. These photographers have made careers of capturing some of our planet’s most extreme environments, while dangling from a helicopter or immersed in alligator-infested waters; enduring freezing temperatures for months or braving an angry volcano. They share an intense passion and purpose, and use their photos to protect places, species and landscapes they care about.

Since the Photography Space opened over a year ago, one of its hallmarks has been the support and celebration of working photographers and the special interests they pursue. Each exhibit has showcased a wide range of techniques, styles and formats. For Extreme Exposure, the Photography Space collaborated with guest curatorial advisor Cristina Mittermeier, an award-winning photographer, conservationist and President of the International League of Conservation Photographers, to display a unique collection of alluring landscapes and intimate moments between artists and the wild creatures they capture in alarmingly close proximity.

Extreme Exposure will showcase:

* Swamplands captured by Clyde Butcher using a bold interplay of shadow and light.
* Lush jungle photography by Michael “Nick” Nichols that brings the audience nearly face-to-face with tigers and gorillas.
* Paul Nicklen‘s transfixing photos of the alien landscapes found in polar regions and the rare animals inhabiting these isolated environments.
* Donna and Stephen James O’Meara’s vibrant photos of erupting volcanoes and dancing molten lava.

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