Texas Stock Photos and More from Brian Humek

texas stock photography

Texas Stock Photos and More from Brian Humek

“Hello, I’m Brian Humek, a photographer living in Irving, Texas. I shoot people, places and things with a Nikon D80. I sell my licensed Texas stock photos through this website and at Alamy.com. In addition to my Texas stock photos, you’ll find stock photography from many other states.

One of my goals is to help photo buyers provide their employers and customers with an awesome final print or web product. If you’re an art director, newspaper or magazine editor, graphic designer or someone else in need of that perfect Texas stock photo for your project, I hope you find it here.

My Texas stock photography has been published in American Cowboy Magazine, The Financial Times, Forbes.com, The Vernon Daily Record, the Stockyards Gazette of Fort Worth and in various text books and websites.”

About the images

* High-quality JPEG files (level 12 in Photoshop).
* Bit depth of 8 bits/channel.
* Minimum uncompressed file size of 48MB.
* Maximum compressed file size of 25MB.

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4 thoughts on “Texas Stock Photos and More from Brian Humek

  1. I had a look at your homepage and I am impressed. I am a complete amateur in photography, but I can appreciate good pictures. And yours fit perfectly in my taste. A bit of humour, fun, and so common things are presented in magical way.

  2. Hi Ruth,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. Leave a comment with your photo site if you have one. Would love to check yours out too.


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