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Some say most left-handed are totally into arts and are very creative. Absolutely right! Instead of dribbling the ball to put my 189cm height into good use, I chose to nurture and hone my innate (at least that’s what i think) skills in design. My name is Jason Tan, an amateur photographer who never complains about my 10kg camera bag and bulky tripod while wandering around cities under the scorching heat of the sun. I am a perfectionist who is never satisfied with what he has and is always seeking advancement.

It all started with self-portrait photography. Flipping over pages in magazines, inspiration caught me in and poof! I started trying different poses in front of the little compact camera. I never left my creaking chair until I finish editing in photoshop. Positive feedbacks inspired me take a step further and fueled me to continue my unrelenting pursuit for more unique and interesting subjects.

From a Panasonic Lumix to D60, I upgraded to D300. In each change of camera, in each angle taken with different lens, valuable experiences were gained. And of course, it won’t stop here. Photo-walking has became my habit nowadays. My interest and curiosity brought my feet to different countries and places where I wandered around aimlessly, where I got lost in a maze of disorganized streets, and more importantly, where I explored every single detail of the life as lived by people of diverse cultures and values.

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