Poje Mario | Photography from Zagreb Croatia

girl walking with mother
Walk This Way

Photographer Poje Mario

Born in Varaždin, live and work in Zagreb, Croatia.

Software development.

Design, photography, automotive industry, chill-out music.

Photos were taken with Panasonic FZ50 and Canon 450D
(17-85mm and 50mm 1.8 lenses).

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Photography for Soul

dog sitting in chair

Photography is not a way of living; I do not make money out of it, at least not intentionally and not substantially. Photography is the way how I live my life, how I define myself – my emotions, the truth and the lies…Photography for Soul by Can Berkol

20 Awesome Photography Blogs – Bangalore Karnataka India

Welcome photo blog lovers to the 23nd installment of “20 Awesome Photography Blogs”, where we highlight some of the most interesting photo blogs and talented photographers from great cities around the world. From our last stop in Edinburgh, Scotland, we head to picturesque Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

It’s been almost a month since our last feature to the most popular photo blog series currently running. Due to other projects I’ve recently been involved with, time has been in short supply. Going forward, my goal is to continue this series through at least the first half of 2009. I have other photography projects planned for the year, but due to the great response I’ve received from “20 Awesome Photography Blogs”, I see no reason to end any time soon.

Since our first “Awesome” installment, the RSS feeds and email subscriptions have soared with each new posting. I can’t begin to thank everyone enough for promoting our project by linking to each installment and helping to spread the word! All Digg and StumbleUpon love is greatly appreciated and highly encouraged!..(shameless self-promotion, I know). It’s a wonderful compliment to see all the different types of links we gathered along the way…Cara Moulds PhotographyJustin Korn PhotographyMy Manila Photo Blog….Shawn’s Bits…Pete Springer Photography…Andrea Gingerich Photography Blog…just to name a few.

As I’ve stated in previous postings, this list is compiled in no particular order. First, I compile a list of 30-40 (sometimes more) region specific photo blogs…then go through the process of reading each photographer bio to ensure they have significant ties to the selected area and finally, whittle the blogs down to 20.

For this installment, I have relied heavily on Flickr…which had an usually high number of excellent Bangalore photoblogs. Please understand there were many, many great photographers…but we only have room for 20 per installment. However, if you have a favorite photo blog you’d like to share or perhaps would like our viewers to be made aware of your fine photography blog, by all means talk it up in the comments section below!

Thanks again everyone for the global support of our project!

1. Light and Life – Murali’s Photostream


2. Akashb’s Photostream


3. Suyog Gaihani Photostream


4. Swami Stream’s Photostream


5. Vijay Pandey’s Photostream


6. MalayalaM’s Photostream


7. Cynthia Sapna’s Photostream


8. Knowsnotmuch’s Photostream


9. Feroze Kaliyadan’s Photostream


10. Sandip Debnath’s Photostream


11. Coolkarni’s Photostream


12. Ayashok’s Photostream


13. Shreik303′s Photostream


14. Arindam Thokder’s Photostream


15. Dannycg’s Photostream


16. Akshathkumar Shetty Photostream


17. Bangalore_SCS Photostream


18. Mains and Crosses

Pemme Gowda Rd. chicks

19. Lijo Jose Photography


20. Bangalore Daily Photo

Adiparashakti, The Goddess

Want more? Check out complete listing of each “20 Awesome Photography Blogs” installment!

Treeswing – Sean McKendall Photo blog

“My name is Sean McKendall and I’m an self-taught photographer living Champaign, Illinois. I’ve always had an interest in photography, but it is only in recent years that I have thought to share my photos with a larger audience. Treeswing was created just for this purpose. I hope that you enjoy the photos I have on display here. If you have any comments or criticism about what you see, I’d definitely appreciate hearing them. Thanks for visiting and I hope you return soon.”

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Blot of Light – Photograhy Blog of Alex Baranov

This is the world I see, the world I feel.
This is the world I love and the world I live.

Image can say more than any word…
I invite you to start listening through your eyes.
I invite you to join the journey.
Journey of exploring your inner and outer worlds.
Journey of seeing, touching and feeling.

Alex Baranov