Stewart Baird HDR Photography


I’m a New Zealand based emerging photographer, with a keen interest in HDR, landscape and environmental photography. I love to find interesting in the mundane, to create something that makes people think “why didn’t ever see that?”. NZ is beautiful, so naturally I take a lot of photos of land, sea and the wild but I also like to experiment with mix medium (watercolor and photo etc). Of course, if I didn’t love taking photos I wouldn’t do it.

“I started out in my work-life in the world of Avionics and telecommunications. The joy of discovering new radio stations each night on the short-wave, kept me up for hours.

I learnt my computer craft on a new thing called the Apple II – it had double disk drives! Amazing!

Being a hardware guy I was drawn to go lower, past the high-level programming language, down into the depths of the circuit board. Pretty soon I was using IEEE-488 devices to drive power supplies, test chambers, digital meters and oscilloscopes. Now THAT was fun.

Time rolled-on by and we all left the 80’s, some with less hair, ready to jump onto the Internet super-highway. My 5 years in the US coincided with the boom and then bust, of the Web. Those were heady days; we thought anything was possible.

So, a bit older, a lot greyer and I’m ready to keep on exploring. Branching-out beyond a “job” into new avenues, creatively… anything is possible.”

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