South Africa, Dragonballyee, Frisky Pics – April 05, 2008

I want to again thank everyone for the wonderful emails I continue to receive. As I have stated before, this project, is a labor of love. It is extremely enjoyable to discover all the great photography that is produced on a daily basis. Although I am an “old school-minded” photography, for me the beauty of the digital age is in the speed in which photographers can shoot, edit, and publish. While I still embrace traditional silver halide photography, I love digital photography and the way it has opened up the world of photography to the masses. Keep shooting! If you have not done so already, you should subscribe to our email newsletter published daily, so you don’t miss out on any of the action!

Today I will introduce (6) new photoblogs to readers. They are as follows:

  • Photoblogging by Craig -”I hail from the UK but live in Cape Town with my South African wife, very close to the beach in the suburb of Muizenberg. Photos are posted daily with a strong South African flavour from the mother city. You can find many images with a beachy feel, a landscape feel or just an everyday feel – which in Cape Town could be just about anything.”
  • Dragonballyee -”This is my creative space away from my proverbial day job. This is a Philadelphia based photo blog/site/page what-have-you. This is that place inside my brain where I feel comfortable exploring. The photography on this site consists of an exploration of the limits of my camera, my imagination and the reality that surrounds me. The photographs here keep me sane and will also try to keep you entertained, if for just a click.”
  • Go Photoblog v3 -Beautiful collection of street photography!
  • Frisky Pics – “Frisky is just a geek with a camera..standing in front of the world…asking it to love him.”
  • 360degreez – Colorful travel photoblog from around the world.
  • Jonathan Greenwald -”Since purchasing my first dSLR in 2005, photography has become a passion of mine. Most of my photographs were taken in NYC; however, that changed since moving to Toronto in May, 2007. I try to post a photo a day and often around 2AM. A good portion of my photographs are digital so naturally there is some post-processing involved; other times, there is a lot of post-processing. I like the photos to reflect the way I saw the subject, but sometimes I see things a little different than the next person.”
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