Jef Harris Photography| Ottawa Canada

fashion photography canadaPhotographer Jef Harris brings his unique artistic style to the world of fashion photography. A music video producer, artist, as well as professional photographer, Jef’s portfolio is full of fresh and unpredictable imagery. Love the angles, use of light, and original compositions of Jef’s photography!

Here’s  a brief bio…. A 39 year old self taught artist of many many styles. I started out doing photography when I was young as well as painting watercolor. My first camera was a polariod instant camera. And my first drawing was of wolverine based on a drawing of Frank Miller. At 18 I got more deeply into the scene after seeing the band Skinny Puppy. After that is was all downhill. Over the last 7-10 years I’ve taken a more professional approach to my art, in painting and photography by incorporating my unique style and sticking to what I would like to see. I’m also deeply into the music scene, having made about a dozen low budget music videos, (you can see them all on my site), as well as a few movies. So among art I’ve thrown producing into the mix. And I must say, I’m having the time of my life. A short word about my work. As you maybe able to tell from my photos, when I work with a model who I get along with, I tend to stay with that model for long periods producing some of my best works. For they cease to be a model and become a partner.”

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