Endless Instant | Whitley Bay Photoblog | Adrian Park

birds drying wings
storm clouds
steamy window

“My name is Adrian Park and I’m a photoholic. I live in Whitley Bay in the North East of England. I’m a born and bred Zimbabwean but have made England my home for the past 11 years.”

“I photograph an eclectic mix of subjects – I’ll try my hand at anything that piques my interest. Whatever the subject, I love to capture the details others might miss.”

“I’m proud to be able to claim the title of LRPS – that is, the Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society. It has been a long term goal of mine to achieve the title and I finally managed it on my first attempt in September 2009. The panel I submitted for assessment is available in the archives.”

“My photoblog is a stream-of-conscious record of the images I’m looking at, thinking about or working on at any one moment. It isn’t a chronological record of photographs as I take them. It isn’t a gallery of my best shots. It’s more of a photographic sketch book. Where relevant, I’ll try to write a little about the techniques used or the thoughts behind the image in the hope it might be useful to other photographers.”

Endless Instant | Whitley Bay Photoblog | Adrian Park

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As I prepare for yet another severe snow storm (expecting 24 inches), I figure now is a great opportunity to address some the photography sites that have been sitting in my inbox. While I do the best I can to keep the photo blogs flowing, the truth of the matter is, since December we’ve been swamped with submissions. Don’t get me wrong, we have a great problem. Please continue to spread the word about us through your favorite social media sites…yes, we crave attention! While I’m at it, if you haven’t done so already sign up for our daily email broadcast! It’s the best way to keep your finger on the pulse of all the great photography we feature…Ok, enough already…on with the show.

Listed below are several excellent photography blogs submitted over the past couple of weeks. This list covers quite a range of subject matter, featuring very talented individuals. So, kick your feet up and spend some time enjoying these great sites!

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6 + 1 photoblogs for your viewing pleasure on a crisp autumn monday morning. yeah, i could’ve just said 7 photo blogs, but it’s monday. Hope you enjoy these very interesting photography blogs!