New York City Fashion Photographer – David Paul Larson

david_paul_larson_fashion_photographer_new_york_cityDaily photo blog updates from New York City Fashion Photographer David Paul Larson…David’s main website contains a nice collection of fashion photography, portfolio style, while his photo blog gives the viewer a peek behind the curtain into the world of fashion photography, models, wardrobe and much more..Here is a brief bio about David Paul Larson from his post My life=25 years=250 words

Born in New Orleans 1983, moved, a year later had a sister, moved to St Louis, had a brother, moved again, started causing trouble in school, moved to Rockford,IL, got my first pair of aggressive skates, still getting in trouble at school, moved again, started skating more, had four principles retire back to back after I left their schools. Junior year enlisted in The Marines, started placing in skate contests, dated a nice girl for all of senior year, got laid, broke up with girlfriend, left for the Marines two days after I graduated high school, went to San Diego for boot camp, was medically discharged right before I graduated boot camp. Lived with my parents, got a warehouse job, came to the realization that being a photographer would be my new focus in life. Mom and dad bought my first camera for my 20th birthday, placed in a photo contest, moved to Chicago for photography school, stopped watching TV all together and started reading, photo assisted two years, placed in The Lucies sophomore year. Met nice girl #2 senior year and moved in with her, shot my first big advertising job. Realized 23 is too young to settle down, left the nice girl and the 52nd floor apartment, graduated, took out a business loan, moved to Miami, shot on location for a month, moved to New York City. Woke up one day and realized I was looking at 25, making pictures and trying to figure out what comes next.

Lazy Sunday Morning Photo Blogs

multitasking by ltallman photographyJust relaxing this Sunday morning, sipping coffee, and reviewing a few cool photo blogs I’d bookmarked earlier in the week…

Cemetery Photography by Jeane Trend-Hill…”the number one cemetery photography site on the web.”

MONTMARTRE - “… is my photography playground. I live in Sydney, Australia and am generally never without camera in hand. Montmartre is a small town on a hill in Paris. It is a corner of creative artistry and for me signifies what I want this site to be. Freedom, expression, hope, love, stories told through pictures. Pictures are nice to look at, stories come from the soul.”..Interesting collection of food photography and general still life photos…Nice use of available light!

Effluere by LTallman – “…a 28-year-old self-taught photographer living in New York City. I use a variety of cameras, lenses and digital manipulation to best capture a place and time in image form. These collections of photographs represent my favorite subjects to photograph.” Beautiful collection of photography; fauna, landscapes, city life, new york city, and portraits!

Urban Views | New York City Photographer Markus Hartel

“I developed my love for photography when I was a kid. My grandma used to give me her old rangefinder to take family pictures; that was fun! As a teenager, I bought my first camera and did more or less “point and shoot” photography, but within a few years, I developed the necessary technical skills for serious photography. Later on, I owned a shop for graphic design and prepress and used one of the first digital SLRs then did many digital product shots for my clients. Nowadays, I find myself wandering through the streets of New York City enjoying street photography.”

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New York City Photographer – Rion Nakaya – May 11, 2008

Rion Nakaya, one of New York City’s original photobloggers…Photoblog by Rion Nakaya features an endless supply of beautiful imagery displayed within a minimalist web layout. Easy navigation and great content makes this a site you could spend an afternoon at.

One of the first photobloggers in New York City, Rion has been witnessing, storytelling and documenting with photography since late 2000. More than 6,000 of her photos have been published on this site since then…

Rion Nakaya is an expat photoblogger in Paris.

And though I enjoy the work of a long and growing list of photo- bloggers/graphers, there are a few friends that directly influence my compositions or the thoughts behind them: Raul Gutierrez, Joseph Holmes, Michael David Murphy, and Peter Ross.