The Wondering World of Los Angeles Photographer Robert Pacheco

miracle mile romantic couple los angelesWelcome to the powerful imagery of Los Angeles based photographer Robert Pacheco, a free-lance photographer with more than 30 years experience working for editorial, corporate, industrial, and non-profit clients. His amazing portfolio chronicles the extreme ranging lifestyles, that is Los Angeles. Continue reading

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Los Angeles Photographer – Mekael Dawson

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“My name is Mekael and I am a photographer from Los Angeles, California. I have always had my hands in photography but within the past 3+ years I’ve really began to dive deeper into the artform and began honing a style of my own. Continue reading

Los Angeles based travel photographer Lorne Resnick

adventure travel photographer of the year award

Los Angeles based adventure travel photographer, Lorne Resnick, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Whether it’s hiking to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, exploring the giant sand dunes of the Grand Erg Occidental in the Sahara, rowing Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, walking Havana’s Old City, dog sledding in Greenland, facing down a charging bull elephant in the Masai Mara or white water rafting Victoria Falls River, his passion for travel and photography keeps him moving around the globe exploring different cultures and countries, capturing unique moments.  Continue reading

Visual Sensation – Los Angeles based photographer Alan Horsager


Alan Horsager is a Los Angeles based photographer. He began taking his photography seriously in the mid 1990’s and has shot across a broad range of styles including fashion photography (IMG Models), editorial (Resonance Magazine and Detour), and stock photography (Getty Images).  Continue reading

Los Angeles based photographer | Nancy Baron

Los Angeles based photographer | Nancy Baron

“I like to observe and document subcultures – the worlds in which people find the comfort of fellowship with like-minded companions and, the most human of human needs; a place to belong. I aim to capture the majesty of the often surprisingly plain and unexpected settings in which these shared passions flourish.

Each of my cultural excursions is a pleasure trip to a new world where I enjoy discovering the many, and infinitely diverse, centers of the universe.”

Nancy Baron – Bio

I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, where my character was indelibly defined. I grew up in a large family of colorful and passionate personalities that have left me forever drawn to “the character.”

After teaching elementary school in Chicago’s inner city for five years, my passion for movies led to a career change. I first worked as a stylist for print ads and commercials, then as a producer of commercials and documentaries.

I eventually realized my ultimate dream of working with Albert and David Maysles when I co-produced “Muhammad and Me,” their documentary of Muhammad Ali and his relationship with Larry Holmes.

A subsequent move to Los Angeles coincided with a shift to creative screenplay development. Eventually I began to miss being around the camera and started studying still photography; both privately and at various Los Angeles area colleges and workshops.

These studies led me back to my love of documentaries, this time, in the still format. I continue to be inspired by the people and places I photograph as I document their unfolding stories.




Raw Street Photography from Los Angeles – Eric Kim




“One of my visions when it comes to photography is the idea of “Open Source Photography,” or making photography accessible to all. One of the things that I hate is the elitism that photography can often create, which makes photography more difficult for photographers from all skill levels and backgrounds to participate. I want to tear down those walls, and dedicate myself to sharing all of my insight, knowledge, and information that I have learned about street photography (and photography in general) and share it with the masses. Whether it be how I take my photos, how I convert my images to black and white, or the plugins or Lightroom 3 presets that I use. Join me on this journey and see where it takes me.”

Eric Kim main site, blog


- UCLA “Arts Happening,” Covel Commons 2010
- “Lost Angeles,” UCLA Powell Rotunda 2010


(For Street Photography)

- Canon 5D

- Contax IIIa (Film Rangefinder)

- Canon 35mm f/2

- Canon 24mm f/2.8

My Generation | Stephan Paul Stocker

Great collection of black and white images, documenting a personal journey from small town USA to the Bright Lights, by lifestyle photographer Stephan Paul Stocker.

“I am a 22 year old amateur photographer now based out of Los Angeles, but from Kentucky. My photography consists of snapshot, environmental portraiture, and some journalism. Mainly shot on 35 mm film (Minolta Maxxum 5 28-100/3.5-5.6 and Olympus OM10 50mm/1.8-16) both b&W, and color. A polaroid or two. Also some basic digital (Nikon D40 18-55/3.5-5.6). My goal is to over time portray the general tone, thought and lifestyle of our generation in two polar towns. It is, like all photography and forms of documentation an ongoing process.”

desert model photo shoot

photo of hollywood sign

hanging out photos

Friends photos