Dakota Visions Photography

Dakota Visions Photography, LLC was started to feed my addiction to photography and the world found within in image.  It has expanded over this last year to a Facebook page and photography blog. 

old barn in black and white

So, who is Dakota Visions Photography, LLC? The history of Dakota Visions Photography, LLC is one of three’s: three stories, three principles, and three people. Continue reading

Singapore Based Landscape Photographer – Weizhong

Since getting himself an entry-level digital SLR camera with some savings from a study scholarship to Japan in 2008, Weizhong (a.k.a. gnohz) has always considered photography to be his voice, expressing himself through the world he sees in the viewfinder.

reflective landscape

That same year saw him taking a series of trips to over 30 prefectures covering most of Japan’s rural and urban landscapes, and also resulted in a couple of successful solo photography exhibitions.

In 2010, he was awarded the runner up in the Celebration Asia! category in the Travel Without Borders photography competition organised by award-winning travel magazine Asian Geographic Passport. His works were showcased at the OneAsia Festival 2010 organised by renowned Asian Geographic magazine and his images were also selected as some of the best to be on display at ION Orchard’s art gallery, ION Art, in Singapore under the CapitaLand-National Geographic Channel photography contest.

sunset in japan

Known for his simple but calming elements, Weizhong cites influences from people such as Irie Taikichi, a Japanese photographer specialising in the historical sites of Nara prefecture, Japan. View more of his works on Facebook and deviantART.

Website: http://www.truphotos.com

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Landscapes from Southern France

“My intention is to take shots, that tell more about a place or scene, as you can see in it,” writes Michael P. Ammel about his photography blog, creativum49.com. “What works fine for me, might not touch you at all, but this is ok, because diversity makes this small planet a better place. I don’t ask you to vote for my blog, just take the time to watch a photo that “catches” your eye a tiny moment longer to make your own story about it. If this happens, we already have a lot of common sense.

My post processing is done with Photoshop CS5 in raw mode.  I’m specialized in urban and landscape photography and I will be available for freelance assignments and requests.  All photos from my old blog LOOK can be seen here in a slideshow. Thanks to over 160.000 LOOK vistors in just one year, hope you keep coming.”





Landscapes and Cityscapes by Asier Zubiaga

mendiak mountain range

“I have been interested in photography for a long time. I don’t have any formal education in photography, apart from some basic courses for the use of the camera. I started with a pentax reflex film camera. The transition to digital photo was difficult because coincided with a small crisis about how able I was to make fine pictures.”

“Nowadays, I solved that problem and I have learned that I make mostly landscape and cityscape photographies while I keep exploring other subjects as well. I can describe my approach as pictorial. I stress the treatment of the colors and the composition. For my photoblog I took the task of posting a picture per day and I have kept doing it for more than a year now. The subjects are taken from my trips, that is when I shoot most of my pictures.
There are a varied type of pictures with different treatments going from B&W to saturated colors and from natural to abstracted versions of the shot. I hope that you enjoy going through the pictures in this blog.”

Landscapes and Cityscapes by Asier Zubiaga

Nature, Landscape, Seascape, Photographer from Ojai, California

seagull beach surf flying“Photography is my hobby – not writing, so I hope my description is not to short.

I am a photographer based in Ojai California. My interest are mostly with landscape, seascape, cityscape. In 2008 I started with stock photography. My newest blog http://hlehnerer.blogspot.com/ showcases my photography from the last few years. I am trying to add every day a new photo to the blog with a short description. Hope you will have fun browsing through the images.”

Pat O’Brien Photo


Pat O’Brien Photo

“My name is Pat O’Brien and I am an aspiring photographer. It is not my full time job, but it is my full time hobby. I enjoy photographing all kinds of subjects – from landscapes to people. It’s what allows me to be creative.

I first picked up a camera when I was young, and enjoyed taking “pointless” photos. It wasn’t until I got my first digital camera that I really enjoyed photographing everything. Mostly because the digital images were “free”, and I saved a lot of money not having to develop film.

I was in the Army National Guard from 1999 to 2003. My job was Military Police. My unit commander wanted to get unit information out into the public more and he knew I had an interest in photography. So the decision was made to send me to an Army Public Relations class focusing on photography and military photojournalism. The course was only 2 days, but I had walked away feeling more confident about being able to tell a story with my images. It was this class that really was the beginning of my interest to learn more, and do more with photography.

The purpose for this site is to share ideas I have, or articles I’ve seen on the internet, with others. Some of it may be redundant or pointless, but we can’t collaborate if we don’t communicate.”