4 awesome photoblogs I’m reading today

Believe it or not, I can’t always find the time to sit back and thoroughly enjoy all the wonderful photoblogs that cross my desk (screen). However, this morning I am putting aside a few moments to check out some great photography bookmarks that are long overdue a worthy visit.

woman on street san francisco
Water Molotov – A Street Photography Blog

doctors working in haiti
Working Photographer – Jim Richardson

nice coconuts
Kevin Kertz

a warm fire by the Pool at the Custom
Stuck in Customs HDR Photography

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Rome Italy Photographs, Juan Buhler, Melbourne Australia Art – March 23, 2008

After 60 ounces of coffee, blueberry muffins, a few beers, and some Chinese food, I finally was able to rework the front page with a sortable table. I also discovered that in viewing the pop-up SnapShots windows from the list on the home page, you can drag each window to the side. They stay up and new ones pop-up for continued viewing. Many of you probably already knew this, but it was news to me. Give it a try when you have a moment. Pretty cool.

On to the updates. Since tomorrow is Easter Sunday, I am getting a jump start on the updates tonight. For March 23, 2008, I have (7) new additions and they are as follows:

  • Juan Buhler – “ Although this site is dedicated to my photography, I am not a photographer by trade. I work doing CG effects animation. I have credits on computer animated feature films such as Antz, Shrek and Shrek 2.”
  • Paolo Fusco – “ I’m just a guy with a camera in his hands. Sometimes. I’m from Rome, Italy. But I love to travel.
    I like to reproduce what I see.The only way I can do it is to shot photos.”
  • One Way – “I originally started photoblogging to help myself with two things: (1) to encourage me to carry my camera around more often and give me more confidence to take photos whenever I see something worth shooting; and (2) to teach myself how to use my camera properly. I knew the basics but wanted to learn more and hopefully improve.”
  • Not Reality – “I’m lucky to live in an outer suburb of Melbourne, Australia, close to a temperate rain forest and abundant natural beauty. I’m smiling because when I have a camera in hand, snapping away, I am doing something I truly enjoy.”
  • Mythical Dude – “I’m Steve Goodman and this is my photoblog. My other sites include my blog, and my home page. I have been traveling in SE Asia for the past four years. I was born in Detroit and have also lived in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, California, Bangkok Thailand and Phnom Penh Cambodia where I currently reside.I have traveled extensively in the United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Nepal and India. For more than 20 years I lived a rather conventional life with a career in sales, marketing and management of high-tech hardware, software and Internet companies, but have been taking a “sabbatical” for the past five and a half years. I’m a very lucky guy. I spend my time learning, reading, doing photography, playing guitar, listening to music, traveling, meditating and walking around to see what’s going on in this world of inestimable beauty.
  • Caitriona -”lives north of the river liffey in stoneybatter in dublin city with (oft photographed, ever patient) husband aonghus | originally comes from waterford | works as a web developer | is a hobbyist photographer | used to keep a blog | was interviewed at dailysnap.com | was short-listed for ‘best photo blog’ in the 2006 & 2007 irish blog awards
  • Raj’s Photoblog – “ I had a weblog, but just couldn’t find stuff to write about. But, I am going to hang on to my photoblog and write on it when I can. For starters, I live in the Washington DC Metro Area and this photoblog is a collection of digital pix (primarily) that I have taken during my time here….”