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Search is an essential feature for all websites, allowing users to quickly find relevant topics or subject matter. One of the main issues I have struggled with while producing this photo blog has been determining the best way to capture and file all the talent in a logical manner.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been going over the postings from the past year, capturing each photographer ever featured on this site along with their related web addresses in an attempt to organize this chaos. The result is a newly implemented search tool, which not only searches my entire site, but also, every site submitted to us. [At the time of this writing, I have only indexed about 40% of the photography blogs submitted to us. If you have been featured on our site and do not currently appear in the search results, please check back frequently for updates.]

Kinda looks like every other search bar…Yes, I agree the search tool does look…plain and ordinary…and the results appear to look like any other Google search page. However, our photography search tool allow viewers to search through only our pages and those of featured photographers from our site. Make sense? For example, if you searched for San Francisco + restaurant….you end up with all sorts of interesting articles from one of our featured photographers…SFPhotorama. There are currently over 1200 photographers and websites indexed on this tool.

Try it out…Give us a test drive! Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. While I am working on the remainder of photography sites, I would like to know if I’m headed in the right direction.

Want to be included in our search tool index?…here you go!

Supercharge Your Photography Website

France, Culture, Great Art – Paris Daily Photo – May 13, 2008

Welcome to our newest photoblog member, Paris Daily Photo. This highly rated photoblog is a favorite among photography lovers worldwide. In the Paris Daily Photo, there is no shortage of interesting writing and beautiful photographs. Here is a sample of a recent article posted last week…

Guess who saw Madonna in a private concert at the Olympia hall last night?! Not me… But a few selected guests and some lucky listeners to the French radio station NRJ, who won some of the few seats available! I spoke to her agent and he said she might show up at the PDP picnic (I just posted some additional info in the forum BTW), but would not be able to stay too long (she has a concert in London soon, you know…). I asked him to make sure she’d bring a bottle of wine and some sausage. ;-)

Check out this great photoblog and see why thousand of surfers make this site part of their daily routine!

Make Web Hosting Your First Photoblog Priority

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