Larry Fitzgerald Has Passion For Photography

Larry FitzgeraldLarry Fitzgerald’s first love — no surprise — is football.

The Arizona Cardinals receiver also is big on charity work, recently traveling to Africa to help Pros for Africa and the Starkey Hearing Foundation deliver hearing devices.

But another passion permeates Fitzgerald’s offseasons: Photography.

“It’s an awesome way to capture the moment,” Fitzgerald said. “The only time that has happened is that time, during that lighting. … Eventually when you look back at that picture, it tells a story — and one only you can tell.”

Fitzgerald is serious about it. We’re not talking cell-phone cameras here. A self-described “Canon guy,” he usually carries the smaller G12. But his arsenal includes bigger cameras, zoom lenses and other accessories to help him take pro-style photos.
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French Fine Art Photographer Based in Fleetwood – Jerome Aoustin



French Fine Art Photographer Based in Fleetwood – Jerome Aoustin

“…I was fortunate to have parents who loved traveling, especially off the beaten path. From the Alps to the Carpathians, islands and volcanoes, I have seen many wonders, now cherished memories. However, it is not until 2002 – when I picked up a digital camera – that I started recording these memories on a medium other than my visual cortex. It probably won’t come as a surprise that my subjects of predilections are natural landscapes. Simply enjoying the calm and serenity of my surroundings, I will gladly sit in the same spot for hours… sometimes just to get the right shot.

2002 is also the year that I first visited New York City. I was doing an internship there in order to complete my Masters degree in technology and…”

Jan Sochor, See Ming Lee, Geckonia – April 04, 2008

Today we introduce (3) new photographers into our ranks. I was hoping to present a few more photoblogs today, but became preoccupied working on a new redesign for this site. However, these (3) photographers have excellent exhibits, so please spend a bit of time reviewing their work.

  • Jan Sochor Photoblog -”Jan Sochor, freelance photographer & webdesigner, was born in the Czech Republic. He is changing his base between South America and Europe frequently, he lived and worked in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain and the Czech Republic in the last five years. America has become a major theme for him since then. He focuses on long term projects trying to show and tell about the (Latin) American continent, its everyday life, social, political and cultural issues.”
  • See Ming Lee Photoblog -”Continuing to push technology’s limitations to solve complex business and design challenges in powerful + integrated ways = Design + Technology + Marketing Strategy = See-ming Lee = SML”
  • Geckonia Photoblog -”I am a graphic designer, fine artist and photographer living in west Marin County, California, USA. I specialize in digital near-infrared photography.”