Fine Art Photography by Ian Sanderson


I first featured the photography of Ian Sanderson, Classical Beauty, about a year and a half ago. Since that time, Ian has continued to add to his already stunning portfolio, redesigned his website, and definitely warrants a second look!



“I am a U.K. photographer based in the south of France. My website contains work completed over the last 15 years with a few exceptions.

I have recently started to use the Gum Bichromate process. Having a Fine Art background in drawing and printmaking I find it satisfying to work in a direct way with pigments and paper, especially after a decade or more in front of a screen. The prints are quite large, 80cm, so it is quite a challenge.

There is a link to my professional work in the INFO tab if anyone is interested how I make a living!”

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Ian Sanderson Photography | Classical Beauty

ian-sanderson-photography-blogBeautiful collection of portrait, advertisting, and corporate photos by photographer Ian Sanderson. As a photographer, Ian’s work uses shallow depth of field and simple backdrops in much of his work, letting the beauty of the model dominate each image. Working in black and white and color, Anderson’s photography uses classic lines of the human body to produce stunning works of art.