HDR Photography by Keith Moyer


“I am an avid, non-professional, photographer. Have only been taking photos seriously for about 2 years.  Started my blog a few months ago and am slowly building a strong following.

Post a new picture everyday.  This is a labor of love really, as I am very hard on myself about putting up a quality photo.

Awarded with a “Featured” page post 4 times in the last few months on HDR Spotting (www.hdrspotting.com). Shoot mostly HDR, but I work hard for a realistic, not overcooked picture.”

Website: http://timetotakepictures.blogspot.com

Supercharge Your Photography Website

HDR Paradise

30 fabulous NYC HDR photos

If you love HDR photography, I have found the site for you…What I really enjoy about HDRcreme, besides all the great HDR examples, is the searchable tags and photo ratings. HDR imaging opens up a whole new world for the “techni-tog”.

HDRcreme is the first reference website for HDR photos that lets you share your works with other people, watch thousands of pictures and learn through tutorials about High dynamic range imaging. You can find photos by location, tags, cameras and see who is the top rated HDR photographer in the world. HDRcreme is a free image hosting service…”

4 awesome photoblogs I’m reading today

Believe it or not, I can’t always find the time to sit back and thoroughly enjoy all the wonderful photoblogs that cross my desk (screen). However, this morning I am putting aside a few moments to check out some great photography bookmarks that are long overdue a worthy visit.

woman on street san francisco
Water Molotov – A Street Photography Blog

doctors working in haiti
Working Photographer – Jim Richardson

nice coconuts
Kevin Kertz

a warm fire by the Pool at the Custom
Stuck in Customs HDR Photography

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