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For all the HDR photographers out there, HDR Spotting offers great opportunity to show off your tremendous skills. HDR Spotting is a showcase of photos and photographers. I am truly amazed at the images produced from this relatively new photographic process. Read below for more information…

How does HDR Spotting work?

HDR Spotting is designed to be a next-generation gallery for an emerging group of photographers. This site was started because we saw an intense desire on behalf of HDR Photographers to get their work noticed and to drive more traffic to their sites.

Our mission is to create an environment that allows HDR Photographers to share their best work and drive people to their respective websites.

People can share their HDR work on Flickr and Facebook, but, frankly, those are lacking in many ways. We are designing HDR Spotting to:

- Make it easy and beautiful to scan many HDR Photos at once
- Provide an environment that encourages readers to go visit the blogs, portfolios, etc of the photographers that contribute
- A fun community that can be focused and provide feedback via views and comments

HDR Spotting is a basic free service. The site generates income from advertising, which we want to make as unobtrusive and pertinent as possible.

Contributing is easy! Simply enter your information. You maintain the rights to everything… If your photo is good enough, people will click on it to find out more and maybe jump right over to your blog, portfolio, or wherever you wish.

For more information and tutorials on HDR photography, be sure to check out the Stuck in Customs library.

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