Malaysia Wedding Photographer – Edwin Tan

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“A relatively newcomer in the industry, Edwin Tan has in a short time amassed an impressive portfolio. With two years experience in wedding photography, Edwin has amazed his clients with his ability to capture special moments with emotion, color and soul. It all started while photographing his children as a hobby. Realizing that he had talent for photography, he attended a workshop on wedding photography. The workshop had a profound effect on him, filling with him great inspiration and emotion. This was when he realized his calling to go out and capture those special moments that last a lifetime!”

Malaysia Wedding Photographer – Edwin Tan

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As I prepare for yet another severe snow storm (expecting 24 inches), I figure now is a great opportunity to address some the photography sites that have been sitting in my inbox. While I do the best I can to keep the photo blogs flowing, the truth of the matter is, since December we’ve been swamped with submissions. Don’t get me wrong, we have a great problem. Please continue to spread the word about us through your favorite social media sites…yes, we crave attention! While I’m at it, if you haven’t done so already sign up for our daily email broadcast! It’s the best way to keep your finger on the pulse of all the great photography we feature…Ok, enough already…on with the show.

Listed below are several excellent photography blogs submitted over the past couple of weeks. This list covers quite a range of subject matter, featuring very talented individuals. So, kick your feet up and spend some time enjoying these great sites!

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Yorkshire based wedding photographer | Simon Mark Whitten

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“Specialist Yorkshire based wedding photographer Simon Mark Whitten has been commissioned for over 350 weddings over 9 years and on 4 continents. The style and approach is “fine-art documentary”, that is minimally intrusive, bespoke, distinctive and very exclusive, coupled with flattering portraiture, attention to detail and a level of client service second to none.”

“Simon Mark Whitten lives in North Yorkshire with his wife Julie and 5 year old daughter Honey and has been a full-time specialist wedding photographer for 10 years covering 350 wedding days to date. Simon has photographed weddings all over the UK from country houses in England to castles in Scotland to marquees in Wales.”

“He also photographs weddings all over the world and to date has covered weddings in Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, USA, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Australia & New Zealand. Simon’s photography style and approach is mainly documentary in nature, – discreet and observational rather than directorial.”

Yorkshire based wedding photographer | Simon Mark Whitten
Wedding photo blog, Main Wedding Photography Site

Toronto based photographer Sandra Howard

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Sandra Howard is a wedding, portrait and baby photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. She lives with her fabulous fiancée, white husky and orange kitty. She loves to eat chocolate and be outside in the sunshine, not to mention her love for snapping photographs of just about everything in her life! Hopefully after browsing through her portfolio, you get to know a little bit about her personality and passion for the photographic arts.

Sandra has participated and won various competitions as well has had both her photography and artwork on display in a variety of galleries and publications. Sandra would describe herself as a natural woman who pieces beauty together by combining faces, fine details and passion into each image she takes.

Toronto based photographer Sandy Canvas

San Francisco Wedding Photography | Catherine Hall

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“Catherine Hall has been capturing expressive images of people through her camera since an early age. With Clients such as John Deere, News Corp, Reuters, and Goldman Sachs, Catherine Hall is one of the top professional photographers working today. Hall, who studied photography at Oxford University and Cal Poly where she graduated summa cum laude and first in her class, has also published work in The New York Times, Elegant Bride, Grace Ormonde, The Knot, PDN, National Geographic Traveler, Rangefinder, The Tribune, The Sydney Morning Herald, and American Photo.”

“As an accomplished teacher and international print & album judge, Hall possesses a broad skill set. Her work has been displayed on Times Square billboards, and in promotional materials of fifteen non-profit organizations. Hall’s professional experience includes working with Getty Images as a photographer, photo editor, and grants consultant, and  she has earned sponsorships from Epson, Kodak, Tamrac, B&W, WPPI, and Julia Dean while exhibiting work worldwide, including in New York City, Paris, and the San Francisco Bay Area.  Catherine Hall Studios is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.”

Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography | Catherine Hall

Wedding & Engagement Photography | Mindy Bean | Las Vegas

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Wedding & Engagement Photography | Mindy Bean | Las Vegas

“I have two beautiful girls and a great husband that supports me 100% of the way. My girls and I enjoy turning on music and getting all dressed up then singing our lungs out on a daily basis. I started taking pictures after I got married in 2003 and have grown to love photography. I am that fun, energetic, goofy person that loves a challenge when it comes to capturing memories.

One thing that I love is looking back at my little girls pictures and seeing how much they have changed. I am very grateful for those two little girls that dance around my house every morning. They are my inspiration.

I have always loved to take a picture and turn it into a piece of art. When I take pictures I don’t want them to hang on the wall as a portrait I want them to stand out as a masterpiece. I work extremely hard to stay current with the latest technology and techniques of photography.”

Wedding & Engagement Photography by Mindy Bean

Rachel Williamson Photography | Nashville TN

Rachel is a portrait photographer based out of Nashville, TN. She enjoys finding simplicity and beauty in everything. She’s definitely an observer and can’t help but to notice detail wherever she is. She loves artsy vintage things, her home family and church family, cooking, and playing fiddle…..

When did you become interested in photography?

Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated with the family video camera, documenting not only vacations but every day life. The role seemed to fit me well and I really enjoyed it. I made mini-films as early as 4th grade, and up to end of in junior high. Then, I came upon my first digital camera in 8th grade. I brought my camera to school almost every day from then on.

What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?

First and foremost, I really love the fact that my job is to be creative. I get to create beautiful imagery and then bless people with it. Second, I constantly get to meet new people, and spend one-on-one time with them or their family. I get a small insight on what their life is like, their relationship with their family, and what brings them joy.

I strongly believe that we were created in God’s image. So, it only makes sense that we are like our Creator in the fact that we also desire to create beauty! That’s what I try and do with my photography. I want it to reflect a greater beauty.

What kind of camera do you use for photographing?

I shoot with a Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR Camera. But just as photography is all about the light, the camera is all about the lens. I’ve chosen to invest in 4 different lenses that I use in different circumstances (wide angle, zoom lens..etc).
I also love to use old film cameras for creative projects, like a Hasselblad I am borrowing and have fallen in love with.

Any tips or advice on getting the most out of what you do as a Photographer?

Fun question! I would definitely say getting an internship with an established photographer put me light years ahead. I was working under a very talented business woman and photographer, Krista Lee, who has a studio downtown Nashville. For a semester I worked for free, assisted at photo shoots, did office work, answered calls and emails, booked sessions, ran errands, learned how to edit photos and use my camera and studio equipment. The outcome of that was that Krista Lee Photography hired me as one of her associate photographers, where she forwards clients to me and I have access to use her studio. It’s a really great set-up.

Staying organized is so important in running my own business. That and not letting it take over my life. Giving myself “business hours” so I can focus on editing photos, returning e-mails and calls, setting up consultations and sessions, blogging, etc can be done during 10-5 for example, so I’m not consumed by it and can get more done! I would also say balancing out the business side with the creative side. Have your own creative side project to keep photography fun and fresh. That’s why I’ve absolutely loved classes like history of photography and darkroom classes.

So, all of that to say, learning from other established photographers, staying organized and inspired are all very important aspects to being successful as a photographer.

What are your future plans in the field of photography?

I plan for my business, Rachel Williamson Photography, to continue to grow over the years and become more than I can imagine right now! I would love to travel more for weddings and sessions, while at the same time raising the awareness of my business locally. I would love to see my work on display in coffee shops, on album covers, in yearbooks, in magazines, in PRINT! It’s so rewarding to see your work in print after you spend so long behind a computer. I want to continue to offer my clients a professional experience and a professional product that they are thrilled with and want to share with others.

Rachel Williamson Photography | Nashville TN