Spanish Fashion Photographer Eugenio Recuenco

eugenio recuenco spanish fashion photographyThe beautiful glamour photography of Eugenio Recuenco…Eugenio Recuenco is considered as one of the most creative Spanish fashion photographers. The creative department of many catalogues and agencies defined his style “cinematographic” or “pictorial”. In Spain he shoots exclusively for Vogue. Among others international magazines he works for Madame Figaro. His campaigns include prestigious brands such as Chanel (Spanish market), Boucheron, Carolina Herrera, Louis Vuitton (Spanish market), Custo Barcelona, Carrera y Carrera, Caramelo, Cimarrón, Caroche, Florentino, Myrurgia, etc.  He has won numerous prizes, including the V ABC Photography Prize for his work “Conception, delivery, games and education” (Circuit, 2003).

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Fashion Photography Artistry by Antonio Manzone

fashion-photography-antonio-manzoneThe beautiful fashion photography portfolio of Antonio Manzone photographer“I was born in Lecce in 1971. I’ve been passionate about photography since when I was 13. When I was 24 and was studying Economics at university, I met my current business partner and great friend Corrado, with whom I gave birth to Photografika Studio in 1995 in Lecce.
To me photography is something more than just expression, it is a privilege: taking pictures you capture and share the unforgettable emotions of life. In the recent few years I’ve moved my attention to advertising and fashion photography and now I’m investing all my time and energy into this new direction!”

Sensuous Fashion Photography | David Jay

sexy fashion model david jay photographer…the sexy and stunning fashion photography photo blog of New York photographer David Jay…

David Jay has been shooting fashion and beauty professionally for over 10 years. His rich, sensuous images have appeared in numerous international magazines and advertising campaigns including:

British Vogue, British Elle, Cosmopolitan, Self, GQ, Black and White, Sunday Times Magazine, Fashion Magazine, The Vision, Tiger Lily, Get Used

Fashion Glamour Photography by Jay Mawson


If you like fashion photography…you’ll love the strikingly beautiful portraiture by UK photographer Jay Mawson“Completely self taught, I’ve been shooting since early 2007. I love perfect aesthetics and am an absolute perfectionist. Or at least that’s the aim. I’m currently in that no mans land called ‘Semi Pro’ – I shoot for money but not nearly often enough to support my family. Yet. I shoot Nikon for no other reason than the first camera I bought was a D80. I now use a D700, Bowens lighting and (mostly) prime lenses.”

Sweden fashion photographer Henrik Halvarsson

Becoming a successful fashion photographer requires more than just the technical skills to take good photographs. It requires an artistic ability to make clothes they photograph marketable and the models which wear them stunningly beautiful….“Henrik Halvarsson, born 1969, is one of Sweden’s most sought-after fashion, beauty, and portrait photographers. Henrik’s photography is characterized by unconventional beauty and the desire to render what is simultaneously quirky and attractive. His bold imagery is distinguished by his unexpected use of colors and light. This results in photography that the viewer takes in with all senses.

Today, Henrik divides his time equally between commercial and editorial assignments. Among his advertising clients are Diesel, Nokia, Ikea, JC, NK, Indiska, Volvo, and Kia. Editorial assignments include magazines like Bon, Flaunt, Spruce, Café, Amica, Visionaire, Russian Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Italian Elle.

Henrik has shot a great number of magnificent and timeless portraits. Among others he has photographed Mikael Persbrandt, Victoria Beckham, Thorsten Flinck, Örjan Ramberg, Peter Wahlbeck, Jocke Berg, and Jonas Åkerlund.
He has also collaborated with Åkerlund as a film photographer and filmed iconic videos for The Prodigy and Madonna.”

Miss Aniela Photography – Adventures in Self-Portraiture

Miss Aniela is a fine-art photographer based in South East UK. Miss Aniela independently models for, directs, photographs and digitally processes her own images.

“I have always been creative, but since digital photography became my favourite mode of self-expression, I have stopped writing regularly in my diary. My images have become their own autobiography.

“All I need for a self portrait is one spark of inspiration: a beam of light, an interesting garment, a few appealing kinks in my hair after it’s been in bunches. I might spy myself in the mirror across the room and have a voyeuristic urge to capture myself on camera, to produce a movie-still from a movie that never existed. It’s more than being a convenient model; it is the fascination with being able to become part of a different mise-en-scéne every time, placing lips and limbs and locks within the frame which all belong to me, and yet with manipulation, become almost those of someone else, a higher self, a multiplicity of different ‘selves’.””

Aneta Kowalczyk Photography

My name is Aneta Kowalczyk and I am a photographer based in Warsaw/Poland and Gothenburg/Sweden.

My adventure in photography started when I began modeling in a Polish model agency a few years ago. Standing in front of a camera was a great experience which finally brought me to the opposite side of a camera and I transitioned into a photographer. I like many types of photography but I am drawn mostly towards portraits and fashion.”