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Thank you for visiting my photoblog ! Photography is my passion and has been so for quite a few years. I try to shoot as soon as I get a good oportunity ! Many are my walks around Paris where I live, I love to bring my camera wherever I go. Some of those shots end up here. You will notice that there is no chronological order or a special theme – it all depends on my mood for the moment. Most of the time I use complete manual settings, I also do some post treatment with Photoshop from time to time…eye saw it

Louis Mallet Photoblog

“My best pictures taken during my last travels and on my living place: Paris. I practice photo since mid 2006; digital reflex, I post processing and “I’m taking a walk on the wild side….” Hope this photoblog will enjoy you. Give me your comments (tab on the top of the page) I am always searching for the continous improvement. Thanks for your visit.”

Paris Photo Blog – Rataki

“So, what the heck is all this? And what on earth “rataki” is supposed to mean?

This is yet another “photoblog” or “photographic web log”. But it’s mine! Rataki means basically “little cute kitten” in greek. No indeed, this has nothing to do with photos or whatsoever, but we’re going into details we don’t need to concern ourselves with ;)
Who am I then?

I’m 24, living in Paris, working as an IT engineer in telecommunication. I started photography in november 2007 when I bought a second hand 350D. I was more into drawing before that, but it turned out that I was better with a camera in hands rather than a pencil ;)
About those pictures

I take picture of anything, anywhere and anytime. It depends on the current mood. I always carry my photo bag with me, “just in case ” ;)”

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France, Culture, Great Art – Paris Daily Photo – May 13, 2008

Welcome to our newest photoblog member, Paris Daily Photo. This highly rated photoblog is a favorite among photography lovers worldwide. In the Paris Daily Photo, there is no shortage of interesting writing and beautiful photographs. Here is a sample of a recent article posted last week…

Guess who saw Madonna in a private concert at the Olympia hall last night?! Not me… But a few selected guests and some lucky listeners to the French radio station NRJ, who won some of the few seats available! I spoke to her agent and he said she might show up at the PDP picnic (I just posted some additional info in the forum BTW), but would not be able to stay too long (she has a concert in London soon, you know…). I asked him to make sure she’d bring a bottle of wine and some sausage. ;-)

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