Scottsdale photographer Christopher Stark

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Scottsdale photographer Christopher Stark

“For years I haven’t been able to put down a camera. I literally take my D700 with me everywhere like a child. Over the last three years my addiction to photography has gone from walking around taking pictures of everything and everyone to shooting engagements, wedding, and portraits. I’ve been lucky to become a staff photographer for which has really allowed my portrait experience to explode.”

Fashion Beauty Photography – Paco Peregrin



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Fashion and Beauty Photography – Paco Peregrin

  • He is a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Seville University and extends his formation in image and new means of expression in recognized centres of prestige such as International Center Of Photography (NYC), Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London), Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art, Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca, The Andalusian Centre of Photography, Complutense University of Madrid, University of Santiago de Compostela, EFTI, etc. which were directed by personalities of international stature
  • Paco has also photographed and art-directed high-profile campaigns for global household names like Nike, Diesel, Adidas, Lee, Vögele Shoes, Gant, Mazda, Toyota, Levi’s, EMI Music, Cosmopolitan TV, Jacinto Usán, Maria Barros, Cosentino, Paramita, Carlsberg, La Rinascente, etc.
  • He publishes for recognized magazines as Vanity Fair (Italy), Glamour (Spain), ELLE (México), Zink (USA), Neo2 (Spain), Eyemazing (the Netherlands), Vision (China), Edelweiss (Switzerland), Vanidad (Spain), Hint (USA), FHM (Spain), Flux (UK), DT (Spain), Inspire (Slovakia), Schön! (UK) or Tendencias (Spain).
  • He receives numerous recognitions. He has won a Gold Lux 2008 award (first place in the National Professional Photography Awards in Spain) in the ‘Fashion and Beauty’ category. His work is part of important artistic collections in the world of the image.
  • Paco Peregrín’s style has earned him credibility as one of the most exciting photographers working in advertising,  beauty,  art and fashion today. His unmistakable signature belies his background in design, communication, theatre and painting. Paco’s photography carries a perfect blend of sensuality with avant garde. Paco’s juxtapositions shows a mastery of the fine line between commercial success and art. Fusing hyper-real futurism with high-end beauty images, he is one of the talents of the Spanish photography with major personality. His work is defined by a marked character of hybridization of styles where come together the latest fashion trends and the most personal conceptual reflections, always providing to his images with a sensual, elegant and mysterious, even perturbing character, trying to interrelate the point of view of the traditional spectator of works of art with the most generic public of the mass-media.
  • Born in Almeria, Spain
  • He resides in Madrid but he works worldwide and his work has been exhibited in many countries.

Fashion Photography by Melissa Rodwell



Fashion Photography by Melissa Rodwell

A Los Angeles native, Melissa Rodwell studied photography at The Art Center College of Design, graduating in 1987. She then embarked on a globe-trotting career in fashion and entertainment photography, leading to exposure in international advertising campaigns and major publications. She has photographed ads campaigns for Coca Cola, Honda, NBC Television and Dell Computers. Her editorial assignments have lead to her being published in Harpers Bazaar, Mirrin Magazine, Flaunt, Genlux, Playboy, Femina, 944 and Mademoiselle, to name a few. Within the music industry, Melissa has photographed bands for Virgin Records, Warner Brothers, and Universal…..

In 2008, Rodwell started The Fashion Photography Blog. In a short time, her blog has acquired a large following of subscribers and readers. Melissa shares her knowledge of fashion photography and gives her readers an inside look at the coveted world of fashion photography.

23 Incredibly Creative Examples of Fashion Photography

One of the main elements in fashion photography is creativity. Great fashion photographers have the ability to see and create images that lure audiences. Whether it’s the use of brilliant colors, imaginative posing techniques, or the just plain outrageous, the resulting images turn heads and make you stop in your tracks. With the saturation of fashion images in print media today, standing out is no easy task..which is what makes the following examples so extraordinary.

The ultimate key to success in the fashion photography industry is to push the limits. Regardless of your location or the equipment you use, the only limitation to a career in this field is the energy and creativity you bring.

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New York City Fashion Photographer | George Lange

New York City Fashion Photographer | George Lange

A true legend in the field of fashion photography, George Lange’s incredible imagery can be found in almost every form of printed media, from popular magazine and periodical covers, movie posters, just to name a few. Link to George Lange Tearsheets.

“Photography involves all kinds of collaboration. The team at my studio astounds me everyday – with their focus, their humor, their great music, and way they let any stress wash off them like a newly waxed car. It is all a wonder to me how I got so lucky to have such support and inspiration to tighten the loose screws.”

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