Early Morning Photo Blogs Rock | London New York

new york photography dave beckerman dawn 2nd aveI love the early morning …always waking up around 5am and sometimes earlier..even on weekends…it’s a  quiet time..the mind is clear and receptive, everything makes sense.I love photo blogs depicting the early morning..its a great time for photography… the world is different..streets are clear..the lone jogger makes haste down the avenue…vendors are optimistic about what the upcoming hours will bring…great time for photography…Creating awesome photographs is part light, part composition, and to a large degree, timing…oh yeah, and being there…photo gear in hand…any camera..on the street and ready to document the world around you…..I love big city early morning photos…London and New York, in particular…just something magical about seeing a big city come to life.

Recently, I read a post from Dave Beckerman, a favorite New York street photographer of mine..it contained an early morning photo <see insert> that really brought home the essence of a  big city waking up..This is a great photo blog…from a tremendous photographer and writer..highly recommend this photography feed.

Another fav of mine…early risers rock…is from London street photographer Ian Mansfield…aka IanVisitsgreat series of London photos taken in the heart of London..quite amazing actually…

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