Top 20 Photography Blogs – Week in Review

Due our growing ranking for terms like digital photography blogs + submit URL, we have seen a tremendous increase in the amount of photography blogs we receive on a daily basis. Since we typically showcase only one site a photo site per day, the backlog has grown very quickly. For today’s post, I wanted to catch up a bit before I lose track of all the wonderful photography sites many viewers have taken the time to submit. Of the 173 blogs submitted this week, I have highlighted the top 20 photography sites not featured this week, for your viewing pleasure. Let me know, in the comments section, if a weekly roundup is something you would like to see become a regular feature or if it’s blog overload…Thanks…Enjoy.

Top Photo Blogs of the Week

  • Dan Morris – Dan Morris Photography has shot for clients all over the globe, including ESPN, Disney, TIME and more. Our work has appeared in TIME, Outside, National Geographic Adventure, The Guardian and Details Magazines, to name a few.
  • Lourcey Photo“Last year, I did a project called the 40@Forty Project- a series of 40 self portraits to celebrate my 40th birthday. The images are all on my blog, as well as assembled into a book format.”
  • Photos by Nick – Pittsburgh based Wedding and Children Photographer – Jessica writes, “… one of best wedding photographers I’ve ever seen.”
  • Kaldirimlar“This blog is to share my adventures sidewalk pavement to links from other sites related to reference conditions and often are given.”
  • KEH Camera Blog“This site was created in January 2010 to keep photographers of all levels up to date on all things photographic equipment related. You’ll see information on new and collectible items, updates on events, tips & tricks, fun & useful accessories, camera recalls & troubleshooting, gift guides, and much more.”
  • Connor Walberg“I run a photography blog as well that teaches emerging professional photographers. I offer techniques, Adobe Photoshop tips, and articles about selling your work. I also cover some of my shoots in a section called the Shoot Journal.”
  • Seaography – “…a Seattle Washington photoblog featuring the people and places of my beautiful city. i use an arrange of digital and film, toy cameras to slrs.”
  • Rafa Arrocha“…advertising creative director /photographer from Panama City, Panama.”
  • Photo Quoto“…combining beautiful pictures and great quotes. My dream is that this site will create an awareness and appreciation for the incredible beauty
    that surrounds us everyday.”
  • Caroline’s Photos of NYC“…my photos are taken every day, a big challenge. I do my best to take a photo that reflects the day or my mood or both in New York City.”
  • Mike Kortoci“We are a full service portrait studio providing high quality images for all occasions. We customize every session to the needs of the client and can shoot in the studio or on location. Some of the services we offer include model head shots, family portraits, photographs for greeting/ holiday cards, as well as wedding & event photography.”
  • Photowolf – Colour and black and white photos by Jaroslav Richtr
  • SevenClicks – is a photoblog wherein each week, a different person from anywhere in the world shares a glimpse of his or her local life through photos taken daily for seven days.
  • Claudia & Doru Halip Photography Blog – Photoblog dedicated specifically to wedding photography but also has posts of Boudoir photo session, pregnancy and photos of baby session. Winter landscapes from Romania.
  • David Harry Stewart – Professional award winning photographer/director. Blog covers technical issues, promotion, business prectices, and day to day experiences…“Great short video on rescuing dogs – Rick”
  • Pockets of Change“…photos & stories from a trip around the world. Partnered with Hungry For Life International, we were in search of stories of life change with the goal of motivating others to get involved, realizing their potential to effect global change.”
  • Lomography Shoot – “…Lomography is a form of film photography that uses plastic or toy cameras to produce unreliable and skewed photos. My blog hopes to capture what is best about Australia through this form of photography. I have just started but am keen to feature avid fans of lomography on my blog to showcase, ‘their’ Australia.”
  • Blogging from Bolivia“My name’s Laura and I’m a 20-something Minnesotan living in Bolivia! When I got to Bolivia all I had was the camera on my cell phone, but I didn’t let it stop me from taking pictures. What began as a mild interest quickly become a passion and an obsession. I have no formal education in photography but try to absorb all I can from other photographers, the blog world, and Google. I now have a Canon SX200 and am trying to improve my skills and develop some sort of photography identity before upgrading to an SLR camera. In short, I’ve fallen in love with life behind my lens and living in a BEAUTIFUL country like Bolivia provides me plenty to photograph.”
  • Darkhalide Photography - “…look at captivating photos of natural New Zealand, studio inspired photos and street photography. I live and work in Wellington, New Zealand and have recently started a photoblog. I post a new pic every day. I especially like to try new things and often post a series of my attempts.”
  • Jill McGrath -“…my blog is about my personal journey with photography and becoming a professional photographer as well as the relationships I build with my
    wonderful clients. Along with the photos that are produced from their shoots. I blog about clients shoots and also about different charities that I am involved with, tips and tricks in photography and some photography school projects that I have recently been working on.”
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