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fashion sensuality photographyAdvertising and fashion photographer Gerhilde Skoberne, bring an unique quality of design, space and sensuality to her photographs. She masterfully creates works of art through careful attention to color, composition, and light. She has a background in Visual Communications and an impressive resume of clients and experience.

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The Expressive World of Photographer Peter Ruprecht

dotto-fashion-show-img_7883Photographer Peter Ruprecht puts his great sense of design, composition and color to powerful affect in creating a stunning body of photographic images…“Peter Ruprecht is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker and Vice President of Interactive and New Media for the global lifestyle and fashion company Marc Ecko Enterprises. In 2004, Peter co-founded Forza Films, a South American documentary production company that has produced work for leading networks.

Peter’s photographs express the monadic quality of humankind’s relationship with the Earth – integral, indivisible, at times impenetrable, but always primary. The nomadic photographer records the monadic moment, quiet reflections that stand in stark contrast with driving greed and engines of globalization that systematically destroy Earth and marginalize those most connected to it. us, by way of light and his lens, Peter raises fundamental questions about where we are going, where we have been, and who we really are.”  -John Ripton

Sweden fashion photographer Henrik Halvarsson

Becoming a successful fashion photographer requires more than just the technical skills to take good photographs. It requires an artistic ability to make clothes they photograph marketable and the models which wear them stunningly beautiful….“Henrik Halvarsson, born 1969, is one of Sweden’s most sought-after fashion, beauty, and portrait photographers. Henrik’s photography is characterized by unconventional beauty and the desire to render what is simultaneously quirky and attractive. His bold imagery is distinguished by his unexpected use of colors and light. This results in photography that the viewer takes in with all senses.

Today, Henrik divides his time equally between commercial and editorial assignments. Among his advertising clients are Diesel, Nokia, Ikea, JC, NK, Indiska, Volvo, and Kia. Editorial assignments include magazines like Bon, Flaunt, Spruce, Café, Amica, Visionaire, Russian Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Italian Elle.

Henrik has shot a great number of magnificent and timeless portraits. Among others he has photographed Mikael Persbrandt, Victoria Beckham, Thorsten Flinck, Örjan Ramberg, Peter Wahlbeck, Jocke Berg, and Jonas Åkerlund.
He has also collaborated with Åkerlund as a film photographer and filmed iconic videos for The Prodigy and Madonna.”

Wink – Victoria, BC Photo Blog – Tyler Nixon

Great photo blog from north of the border….Wink is an ever-expanding collection of photography by Tyler E Nixon. Tyler happily resides in the sleepy, sea-side city of Victoria BC, Canada with The Better Half™ and a lovedog named Piper.”

Blot of Light – Photograhy Blog of Alex Baranov

This is the world I see, the world I feel.
This is the world I love and the world I live.

Image can say more than any word…
I invite you to start listening through your eyes.
I invite you to join the journey.
Journey of exploring your inner and outer worlds.
Journey of seeing, touching and feeling.

Alex Baranov