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vietnam market scene
vietnam market selling ducks
full moon party

“Ever wondered what it’s like to sell it all and go travel the world? – That’s just what we did…”

“…Aaron and Georgie have been traveling the world since April 2008. aaron and georgie in vietnamWe sold our house, our car and even our cat so we could go forth and live life to it’s fullest and experience something new everyday. We blog about our travels, our adventures, our love and our life from the road as we go – Mucho Mucho LOVE…”

“With amazing support from friends and family we managed to tie up all our loose ends and set off to live the dream…
Our history as travelers before we left on this adventure was limited, Georgie had enjoyed a few family holidays to America, Jamaica and Barcelona but Aaron had only ever left the UK once for Dubai, again on a family holiday, so to say we had no real experience or idea what we were taking on is an understatement!”

“Obviously we didn’t let our inexperience slow us down, instead it filled us with wonder and excitement. We were very careful when planning our trip not to worry about time frames and schedules what we didn’t want to do was have to leave one place before we were ready just for the sake of seeing another, we wanted time to do and see just what we wanted. Our only plan was to get to Thailand on a one way ticket and the rest would sort itself out… And it did!”

HappyTimeBlog – Travel Adventure Photography

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Adventures of a GoodMan | Photo Blog by Greg Goodman

Adventures of a GoodMan – World Travel  and Photography - “…fun tales of what happens when you take a New Yorker completely out of his element and thrust him into the backpacker scene.”

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“Life is fun and the world is huge! To remind myself of this, every so often pack a backpack and head out on an adventure of some sort. Sometimes I find myself stuck on a motorcycle in shin-deep mud, face to face with the Thai army, chasing a naked burglar through the River Kwai at 3am or lost and alone in the mountains of Nicaragua on a disobedient horse with only my minimal Spanish, the equivalent of 30 cents and a stick of chapstick.”

“Other times I’m meeting amazing new people, seeing the most breathtaking sights in the world, eating every bit of local cuisine I can find, traveling like a local and stopping to volunteer along the way. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, my camera is snapping away and the blog entry is sure to follow.”

“Above all else, Adventures of a GoodMan is meant to be a cross-cultural learning experience. All of the photos are carefully labeled to share not only the image but interesting background information as well: just click on any pic to learn more.”

A Photographic Travel Blog of a Wondering Journalist | Mike Greener



Mike Greener is a photojournalist living near the Bay Area, where he works as a staff photographer for the Daily Republic newspaper in Fairfield, California. In addition, he also freelances for magazines and as a commercial photographer specializing in adventure, weddings and fly fishing photography.

Previously, he was a staff photographer at the Redding Record Searchlight before setting off for a five-month South America fly fishing adventure. He has been published in several magazines such as Fly Rod and Reel, High Country News, Outside Missoula, The Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care and Grief Digest. He also has done advertising and commercial work for companies such as The Fly Shop, Brunton and Loop. He was the official photographer and assistant filmmaker for the Angling Exploration Group (AEG) 2005 fly fishing expedition to New Zealand, where he helped create their feature film, Trout Bum Diaries Volume 2: Kiwi Camo.

Greener is a graduate from The University of Montana School of Journalism, where he received a B.A.in Photojournalism. While in college, Greener placed first in the William Randolph Hearst Photo Story competition for a story of a man in a Chicago hospice who was dying of lung cancer. He also was chosen as one of 16 graduating visual journalism students in the country to be accepted to the 2006 Poynter Institute’s Summer Fellowship in St. Petersburg, Florida. There, he worked with some of the best journalism coaches in the country while covering a local beat and attending practicums. He also was a finalist in the 25th Annual Photographers Forum Magazine photo contest in 2005 and was published in their 25th Annual College Photography yearbook.

When not on assignment or playing ultimate frisbee, he can be found waist deep, with a fly rod in hand, in the nearby trout streams of Northern California.

A Photographic Travel Blog of a Wondering Journalist | Mike Greener

The One Shoe Diaries | A Randall Louis Hamilton Project

lost shoe #328The reason that I truly enjoy publishing ILovePhotoBlogs is that not only do I get to look at amazing photography on a daily basis, but also I get to interact with incredibly creative photographers. This afternoon was no exception. A special thank you goes out to Randall Hamilton for writing in to share his photography project – The One Diaries | A Randall Louis Hamilton Project. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this site.

In October 2004 my wife Sharon and I lost our residence on Pensacola Beach to Hurricane Ivan. Instead of treating it as a disaster we made this an opportunity for us to pursue our dream of traveling the U.S. in a motor home. During our adventures we noticed numerous lone shoes sitting on the side of the road. We began to get intrigued by how many there were, and the fact that each of those shoes had to have belonged to someone, but who? Were they male or female, young or old, rich or poor? How did it end up alone on the road? The inherent mystery tied to these images is the untold story of each shoe, the viewer cannot help but create that story in their mind.

So what we have decided to do is catalog the shoes we come across through photographs. Hence the birth of the One Shoe Diaries™. The shoes are left in their original state, we do not alter or move them. Their locations are plotted in GPS coordinates, then logged onto a goggle map for others to perhaps go see if they still remain where we found them. We hope you enjoy our ever-growing collection of shoes and the stories they portray for you to interpret.

The One Shoe Diaries | A Randall Louis Hamilton Project

Across Asia | Micah Hanson

Rumste-Tso Moriri Trek, India

I enjoyed mountain biking in the hills above Santa Barbara, and going wine tasting in the nearby Santa Ynez Valley. It was a comfortable life but the call of the road was still out there. I was able to indulge my wanderlust somewhat with trips to Burma over Christmas of 2001, to Peru to hike the Inca trail in spring 2003, and to Egypt in the spring of 2004. Another way to indulge my love of travel while furthering my progress toward a degree and save me money as well was to attend conferences and visit collaborators in interesting places. I managed a couple trips to Germany, and trips to Japan, India, and Canada in this way in addition to domestic destinations.

As I progressed though graduate school I continued to enjoy my research and work in the lab but I became less certain of what I wanted to do after I graduated. The typical choices for someone with a Ph.D. in semiconductor materials are to either get a job in industry, or pursue the academia route, most often initially though a post doc with the aim of eventually becoming a professor. The people I knew who got jobs in industry made good money in the neighborhood of $100,000 a year, but invariably within 6 months disliked their jobs. However they were hooked on the money to support their cars, new condo or house, and comforts of the professional world, working long hours and eagerly awaiting weekends, at least those who did not have to work on Saturday as well, and their two weeks of vacation a year. I had a vision of myself in that life and choked with disgust as I saw the years fly by, the next the same as the previous, dull and ordinary. Above all I wanted an interesting and adventurous life. I didn’t need much money; I just needed to live, to experience, to grow.

There are of course many ways to do this and having an interesting and engaging life does not necessitate travel, but for me at this particular time I knew my route to this goal would be through seeing and experiencing the world. As for academia, as I neared my graduation date, I was not ready for it. I enjoy working in the lab and doing research well enough, but at this point what excited me, made me feel alive, is the rush I get hopping on a bus not knowing what awaits me at the other end, not completing an experiment with a great result. As I became closer to finishing, I became more and more certain that the time for me to take the long trip I had wanted was now. I had the money having lived frugally during grad school and, again riding a stock market bubble, having pumped money into the market after 9/11. I was free of attachments, not much in the way of possessions, no relationship; certainly if ever there was a time, the time was now. I cashed in the frequent flier miles I had racked up on all those conference trips throughout graduate school, and booked a flight to Hong Kong. Five days after I had filed my thesis I was flying high over the Pacific and so my journey Across Asia began.

Across Asia | Micah Hanson

Tom Robinson Travel Photography

Boy with dead Condor. Southern Altiplano, Bolivia.

Climbing Volcano Villarrica (2847m), Chile.

Tom Robinson, an English photographer born in 1981, who finds himself most at home in parts of the world that are nothing like back home. Tom has traveled extensively through South East Asia, South & Central America, yet still feels he has only scratched the surface of these continents.

Tom is available for commissioned work in any part of the world. With a wealth of experience in both photography & travel he is able to capture the shots you require.

Adventure Photography by Randy Hanna

girl trout fly fishing

I was first introduced to photography in high school. During my summers, I would spend all of my hard earned cash on a lens or an accessory for my Mamiya SLR. My senior year in high school, after saving my money for several years, I treated myself to my first Nikon, a Nikon Ftn. I’ve been a Nikon guy ever since.

Born and raised in Arkansas, I moved to Washington courtesy of the US Army. I was completely mystified by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Even a greater draw was the Puget Sound and saltwater SCUBA diving. After spending a couple of years doing underwater photography in my spare time, I soon started teaching underwater photography for local SCUBA shops. I then authored the first PADI teaching manual on underwater photography, which remains in use today.

For the next 15 years, I found myself leading underwater photography trips to such destinations as Shark Reef, Bonaire, Bahamas, Fiji, Philippine Islands, and the Federated States of Micronesia including Truk (Chuuk), Palau, Yap, and Pohnpei. In Aug of 2004, I deployed to Iraq as the senior Army Engineer for the US Embassy’s AID program. To keep family members up to date during my deployment, I sold all of my film camera equipment and turned digital. Again, I have never looked back.

These days, I find myself continuing to grow my photographic endeavors and at the same time striking out on new adventures. Starting under the watchful eye of Andy Biggs, I was exposed to photographing in Tanzania, Africa. To put it simply, I have fallen in love with Africa and am now offering safaris for both photographers and non-photographers alike. I am very pleased with the success of my Safaris to date and even more pleased with the advanced registration for safaris as far out as Aug 2011…randy hanna