5 Great Photoblogs I Can’t Get Enough Of

Great photography blogs draw you in and keep you coming back, over and over and…. They always have fresh,compelling content which tells a story through incredible photos or great writing and sometimes both. Yes, I do love street photography and strong black and white images, but I also enjoy almost any photography blog that is regularly updated and just plain interesting. Some of the sites I am about to highlight have been previously mentioned, and for good reason. I hope you enjoy my selections and maybe pick up a few pointers for your own site. I would love to hear what sites you are particularly fond of [yes, self-promotion is always fair game], and share them with us. 5 Great Photoblogs I Can’t Get Enough Of , in no particular order, are as follows:

photography from the chesapeake watershed area

bill emory

Photography blog features daily images from the Mid-Atlantic Chesapeake watershed area. Full of black and white photography from a place dear to my heart.


dave beckerman

A great “all things NYC” street photography blog, with striking black and white photos and always interesting copy.


markus hartel

Another “best in class” street photography blog from New York City. Frequent updates and a nice mix of color and black and white photos.


chase jarvis

From the studio of commercial photographer Chase Jarvis, this photo blog covers all topics photography; latest equipment, industry news, updates from recent photo shoots and much more.



Author and editor of photography books, Haje Jan Kamps’ straight talk about photography is always interesting and enjoyable to read. His writings cover a wide range of photo topics. He also has a large following on Twitter as well.

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Chesapeake Bay Watershed – Photographer Bill Emory

god-loves-signJust received an interesting photoblog submission this morning…. featuring black and white photography by Bill Emory; theĀ  outlying areas of the Chesapeake Bay. Love it! I may be just a little biased…living only a mile or two from the Chesapeake Bay myself. The use of black and white effectively drives home the Americana feel in these images. Love the small town vibe…the hunting dogs, old churches, front porch gatherings, etc. Another big plus…the photoblog is updated regularly and contains a large archive…Check it out!