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“I’m the owner of Lisa On Location photography ( . My focus is primarily weddings and portraiture, but we (we being myself and my husband/assistant) also have fun with landscapes, infrared and macro to keep things interesting.

I studied photojournalism at Texas A&M University in the early 90s while working on my bachelor’s in journalism. After graduation I went to work for a few newspapers here in Texas as a reporter, editor and photojournalist. Being a journalist didn’t fit so well with baby-raising, however, so I took a break to be at home with my little ones. When my youngest began walking and pushing away from me, the old photojournalist in me began to yearn to break out.

As a mother of three, I have a passion for children and families, pregnant moms and babies — especially nursing babies. I try to use my experience in photojournalism to capture the warmth and fun in family relationships. I see beauty in everyone and it’s my goal to bring that beauty into print.”

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Austin Weddings in Style – Ku Photography


Austin Wedding Photography by Ku Photography LLC, a journey through weddings blog.

“Our portfolio section shows you a great glimpse at what your wedding photos will look like. Some of them will be wild, some will be beautiful moments, some would be a bit tearful and emotional, and some would be downright funny, ALL of them will be uniquely yours.”

A Photographic Journey by Katherine Squier



A Photographic Journey by Katherine Squier

“I was born with my sister on June 23, 1988 in Austin, Texas and I recently graduated in May with a BA in Psychology. I don’t know what I will do with my life or photography at the present, and for now I’m okay with that. I try to live with awareness and photography allows me to capture moments that inspire me as I live them.

I like good hugs and the open road.”