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Finding a few great street photography sites during an evening of surfing is no easy task. Discovering 20 incredible street photographers is on a single site…priceless. Welcome to iN-PUBLIC. Established in 2000, iN-PUBLIC was created to “…promote Street Photography and the photographers selected “…have the ability to see the unusual in the everyday and to capture the moment.” Based on the limited number of photographers presented and the quality of the art displayed, it is easy to see this is a pretty selective organization. Some of names I am familiar with, others I are new to me..but all are excellent.
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I highly encourage you to visit this site and check out the well-written biographies and stunning image galleries. Here are just a few of my favorites:

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The Beauty of Street Photography | Smashing Magazine

If you love street photography blogs the way I do, you must check out the latest posting in Smashing Magazine, The Beauty of Street Photography. Be warned, there are a ton of excellent photo blogs in this article…so make sure the venti latte or beverage of choice handy! I see one of our recently featured photographers, Markus Hartley, made the list..excellent. Another one of my favorites from the list, and the creator of the image that accompanies this post …Andy Morley-Hall.