10 Great Photoblogs To Jumpstart Your Creativity

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. Hope you find inspiration by checking out these 10 great photoblogs! Some of these photographers have been previously spotlighted on this site, some are new. In any case, feel free to comment and/or suggest your favorite photo sites.


Deceptive Media


seventy-four twelve thirty-one


Its All Around You




The Frame – Sacramento Bee




Filling The Frame


Dutch Photo Day


ottok photography



Supercharge Your Photography Website

DeceptiveMedia – UK photographer Andy Bell

Storm Clouds KeyhavenAndy Bell‘s photography blog from the UK is a beautiful collection of art, showcasing his mastery of lighting technique, eye for color, picture composition and overall photographic skill.

The layout design of Andy Bell’s site is clean and pleasing to view, as cascading images scroll through his vast library. I am particularly struck my Andy’s use of bold color and texture. As you sit and view the images, you will surely agree.

Andy has garnered several awards for his work, including 2007 Photobloggies for Best Abstract Photography, 2006 Photobloggies for Best Western Photoblog, and 2005 Photobloggies for Best Abstract Photography of a Photoblog.

Roswell Georgia, William Duncan, Adelaide – March 24, 2008

Today, I have (7) new additions to our growing list of great photoblogs. For a photography nut like myself, this never gets old! These new entries combine great photography as well as complimentary web design. While there are plenty of blogging solutions to quickly create photoblogs, I am impressed with the variety of design layouts.

The new photoblogs additions are as follows:

  • The Exploration of Light – “Ariel D. Bravy currently lives in Roswell, Georgia. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology where he specialized in optics and photonics, incorporating both technology and photography. His photographic passions lie in capturing nature at its finest.”
  • blog88:88 – Beautiful photography by Will Duncan
  • Cary Scott’s Photoblog – “I’m a freelance photographer, graphic designer, and website designer living in Washington, DC. Welcome to my photoblog. I would love to break into travel photography as a profession. I would travel all the time if it wasn’t for this whole having-to-work-to-get-money-thing. Oh well…”
  • Adelaide thru my lens – “After several months, I have finally decided to put some of my favourite photo’s online and decided that a blog format rather than a gallery suited me to present some of my pictures.I try and post a new photo every day, and always try to put up a photo that has been taken within 1-2 weeks.I currently reside in Adelaide, South Australia and work in the Information Technology Field.
  • Birsk Photoblog – was a finalist of the Photobloggies-2007 awards (Best Eastern European / Russian Photoblog)
  • Deceptive Media – award winning photography of Andy Bell
  • Anna Web Photoblog – “I’m Anna, a Swede living in the US. .I enjoy photography and want to learn and understand more of it. This Photoblog is where I practice, with your input as guidance.”
  • Simone Colferai Photoblog – “I generally look for naturalistic subjects, for that I dedicated two specific websites; instead, this photoblog is devoted to photography in all its forms and styles. Photos, excluding title, are presented without any description…the aim is the images express themselves! Photos are made with compact cameras, digital SLR with that and, if no equipment, also through the use of camera mobile phones.”