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catch of the day - thetraces.aminus3.comAminus3 is a photoblog community that welcomes anyone with a passion for photography. They offer a high-quality, photoblog hosting service for thousands of photographers around the world, packed full of great features. Interested in creating your own personal photoblog? Sign up today and they’ll have a website setup for you, completely free.

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We recently received an email from the co-creator of Aminus3, Jason Kravitz, telling us about his wonderful photoblog service and to alert our viewing audience about some excellent photoblogs he would like to bring to your attention.  Thank you, Jason,  for writing in! We’re excited to bring attention to services our viewers may not have been introduced to, and always love discovering new photoblogs!

Here’s a word from Jason….

“Hi – I am the co-creator of and just discovered your site. I’ve been
spending a good part of the morning checking out all the great links and

“We’ve got a lot of talented photographers hosting their blog on Aminus3 – I
wanted to point out a few sites in particular that I feel deserve a
amazing images from India, lots of culture and heart
Evelyn is based in France but travels around the world capturing the soul of
every place she visits
killer landscape photography
highly creative and great all around photography
another inspiring landscape photographer and photography teacher
This is a really creative concept – two people who live 4000 miles apart (but
in the same time zone one day apart) post a joint image on a new theme each
day… check it out to see what I mean

“I also recommend our Spotlight page which highlights the best images on Aminus3

Thanks and have a great week
Jason Kravitz

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