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12:59 p.m. The final minute of the lunch hour. Most nine-to-fivers are heading obediently back to the workplace, after having spent their lunch hour… well, eating lunch. I’m also heading back to the office, but have probably just gotten Wendy’s chili to go after spending my lunch hour doing other things.

This photo blog is an outlet for me to share photographs I’ve taken prowling the streets of downtown Pittsburgh during my lunch hour. You’ll see a lot of ill-conceived street photography, but also architecture, cityscapes, urban decay, abstractions, and whatever else strikes me. Of course, I take pictures at other times and in other places, so look for those here too. But as long as I have other things competing for my time, the convenience of lunchtime photography will remain a reality, and the resultant shots a recurring theme here.

I’ll make updates every few days or so; naturally they’ll appear at 12:59 p.m.

Street Photography Blog | Pittsburgh |

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