Street Photography 101

In this post Street Photography 101, I’ve incorporated some words of wisdom from many great street photographers in the field today. There is a beauty to this genre and its impact has spilled over into many others areas in photography today. One quick review of any fashion magazine reveals many advertising campaigns implement this same urban randomness to great success.

“Street photography is all about finding order in a chaotic world. It doesn’t rely on pre-visualization; quite the opposite: the skill in street photography is being able to anticipate action, interaction and humorous juxtapositions and capture those fleeting moments”, writes Mason Resnick.

One of the greatest exercises in street photography is to first explore and experience your urban setting with the camera tucked away. There is tremendous energy and unlimited photographic possibilities happening at every turn. The key to successful street photography is capturing the beauty as it presents itself before you. Simply relax and enjoy.

I have included several great links on street photography tips and strategies.

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