Society and Celebrity Photographer | Doug Hac





Society and Celebrity Photographer | Doug Hac

“Photography started out as a hobby but 12 months ago I decided to pursue it seriously as a career.

I am aware of how highly competitive the field is. The availability of high quality, low cost cameras has put professional level photography in the hands of anyone willing to spend the money.

Unlike being a lawyer or a doctor, there are no barriers to becoming a photographer but where I do see a difference is in how many photographers are willing to work as hard a law student or a doctor in training to succeed at their careers.

Being willing to put in the hard work narrows down the competition significantly.

Another thing I do differently is I place much more of an emphasis on presenting my work to my clients than for other photographer which is why Facebook has been such a valuable too for me.”



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6 thoughts on “Society and Celebrity Photographer | Doug Hac

  1. That’s true, cameras and photography equipment are a lot cheaper nowadays. Furthermore, unlike the old days, when cameras had films, the digital cameras allow photographers to shoot without the worry of making costly mistakes.

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