Sell Your Photos Online Use SmugMug

Many photographers would love to turn their passion for photography into a profession. However, the thought of creating a photography blog, dealing with web hosting, and collecting payments, leads most photographers to put this dream on the shelf. Fear no more and Take the SmugMug quick tour!

What is SmugMug? SmugMug is a photosharing site with a beautiful interface, that allows you to show off your photos to the world and if you choose, turn your passion for photography into an online business with ease.

SmugMug allows you to easily upload your photos, create galleries, or sign up for their Pro account and use their tools to create your own e-commerce photography website.

Here are just a few of the many features the SmugMug Pro account has to offer:

SmugMug’s mantras are ease of use and style . Easy for you to upload and arrange. Easy for your admirers to navigate and buy prints.

Upload 100s of photos with a few clicks. Bulk caption, bulk move, and bulk delete. If your captions are embedded in your photos as IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) data, we automatically use them.

Our prints are provided by a professional lab in Georgia named EZ Prints with outstanding quality, quick turnaround, broad selection and consumer prices. We chose them after an extensive shootout and consulting with our professional customers.

We provide calibration prints and ICC profiles for color management. Our catalog includes hard-to-find print sizes in matte, gloss and lustre.

Print what you want on the backs of prints. Use our proofing feature to delay shipping so you can retouch and replace the images ordered.

SmugMug won’t ask you to delete photos to make room for new ones because your quota at SmugMug is unlimited .

Set your prices and make 85% of the markup. You can even sell digital downloads in three sizes with personal or commercial use licenses. SmugMug will take the order, pay the credit card processing fee, ship prints to your customer, provide customer support and real-time reporting of sales.

…and much more

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4 thoughts on “Sell Your Photos Online Use SmugMug

  1. Rick is right … SmugMug is awesome. The freedom and flexibility to organize photos, group them into different galleries for different user groups – family, friends, for sale, or whatever you choose. And, if you have an Eye-Fi memory card for your camera, you can not only upload the photos you soot wirelessly to SmugMug, BUT, the card also tags your photos with the location of where you took the photo, and SmugMug interfaces with the technology; so you don’t have to pay for the service on another site. Isn’t that cool!

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