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“Catherine Hall has been capturing expressive images of people through her camera since an early age. With Clients such as John Deere, News Corp, Reuters, and Goldman Sachs, Catherine Hall is one of the top professional photographers working today. Hall, who studied photography at Oxford University and Cal Poly where she graduated summa cum laude and first in her class, has also published work in The New York Times, Elegant Bride, Grace Ormonde, The Knot, PDN, National Geographic Traveler, Rangefinder, The Tribune, The Sydney Morning Herald, and American Photo.”

“As an accomplished teacher and international print & album judge, Hall possesses a broad skill set. Her work has been displayed on Times Square billboards, and in promotional materials of fifteen non-profit organizations. Hall’s professional experience includes working with Getty Images as a photographer, photo editor, and grants consultant, and  she has earned sponsorships from Epson, Kodak, Tamrac, B&W, WPPI, and Julia Dean while exhibiting work worldwide, including in New York City, Paris, and the San Francisco Bay Area.  Catherine Hall Studios is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.”

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