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“I was born a rockstar but am mutating to be a wedding photographer. It’s weird but here I am on stage enjoying the cheers of thousands of people but hey I find that I’m loving being behind the camera rather than in front. Anyway I still love both playing in a rock band and being a wedding photographer.”

Based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Rudy’s Lightroom was founded by Rudy (drummer from the Hip Hop Rock band Pop Shuvit) with the commitment to produce real, meaningful and inspirational photography, be it for Weddings , Portraitures and miscellaneous genres of photography.

Rudy’s Lightroom offers a creative touch to Wedding and Portraits, blending all the traditional posed formal portraits with unobtrusive photo-journalistic coverage to capture the memories of your day.

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4 thoughts on “Rudy’s Lightroom – Wedding Photographer – Petaling Jaya Malaysia

  1. Hey Rick,
    Thanks so much for putting my site on your site. I love what you are doing and it’s great for everyone! Cheers man! Keep in touch!


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