Raw Street Photography from Los Angeles – Eric Kim




“One of my visions when it comes to photography is the idea of “Open Source Photography,” or making photography accessible to all. One of the things that I hate is the elitism that photography can often create, which makes photography more difficult for photographers from all skill levels and backgrounds to participate. I want to tear down those walls, and dedicate myself to sharing all of my insight, knowledge, and information that I have learned about street photography (and photography in general) and share it with the masses. Whether it be how I take my photos, how I convert my images to black and white, or the plugins or Lightroom 3 presets that I use. Join me on this journey and see where it takes me.”

Eric Kim main site, blog


- UCLA “Arts Happening,” Covel Commons 2010
- “Lost Angeles,” UCLA Powell Rotunda 2010


(For Street Photography)

- Canon 5D

- Contax IIIa (Film Rangefinder)

- Canon 35mm f/2

- Canon 24mm f/2.8

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